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Bass into Scarlett 2i4 doesn't take much to sound distorted - forum Studio & Home Studio

I have two basses - BTB1005 with active Nordstrand Dual Coil pickup and Ibanez TMB with active/passive Nordstrand pickups.

When I plug these basses into the input and select 'INST" I can't get much volume without distortion.

These two basses have really nice tone when plugged into amp, but I seem to loose this when using the Scarlett 2i4 going into my computer to something like Cakewalk or simply paying back to a backing track.

Can anyone suggest how I may improve this?


I would try a di-box instead of plugging it directly into your interface. I suspect there is an impedance issue...between Instrument and interface.

- Angelie
Thanks Angelie. That's a good idea, of course that will work better, I just never thought of it :mdr: Cheers

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