Hi - I present a radio show on a local internet radio station. Up to now I have used a very basic Samson microphone that plugs into my USB socket on my laptop. The microphone has a headphone outlet for my broadcasting. Quality has always been an issue - whining noise, static etc.
My wife kindly bought me this new bundle - Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen for Christmas.
Easy set up I was up and running quickly. Unfortunately the radio software is not accessible until the show actually starts.
At first all was fine - I spoke into the microphone and I could be heard really well, a massive improvement in broadcast quality. I could here clearly what was playing through the headphones.
Then the problems started..................
First I noticed after a short space of time of inactivity the headphones seemed to go into a sleep mode and suddenly I could hear anything through them?? The only way I could fix it was to unplug the unit from the laptop USB and plug it back in again.
Then the big problems kicked it.
All looked fine on the microphone lights - '48v' light was on and 'AIR' light was on, yet nobody could here me? Effectively the microphone stopped working - until another reboot.
Then that cycle would happen again and again.
I would love to know if anyone else has had a similar experience if broadcasting via this kit?
The radio software is Radiojar if that helps with any suggestions.