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User reviews on Studio & Home Studio Radial Engineering products

The worst enemy of the ground loop (X-Amp)

By klem-, 09/10/2014
Bottom active REAMP supplied 15V, made in Canada!

- Entry into XLR so expect a symmetrical cable jack male / male XLR if you go out of your sound card to the line out
- 2 outputs, the first is mandatory, the second is optional and is isolated, if you want to connect a second amp, with the possibility of reversing the phase.
I personally have not bought for this feature, I'd definitely if I need one day to use 2 amps

No, the main interest that I found, it's the sound that comes out, and a small switch "ground lift"
I turned my sound to eliminate those pesky ground loops, with moderate success, but not enough satisfactory.
Unpacking the boiboite, 5 minutes and a switch later: more ground loops. Hallelujah!

We read a lot of good and evil on AF, including one often reads not found the same sound that directly plugging his guitar on the amp ... yes!
Indeed, to have fun, save your dry and your amp at the same time (with a splitter or a cable in there) and then dry your reampez: compare two signals REAMP / amp, it'll look very closely, but it ' is not the same.

BUT: who cares! The sound comes out of your amp please? That's all that matters! Being a purist is good, having said that I prefer a more accurate signal "denatured" but clean, but rather a signal contaminated with buzz.
I really do not like the term denatured, but you really have to understand that your fiddling knobs, you will hear almost no difference, and without doubt not by démerdant well.

I invite you in all cases to read the very good article by Phil29
which is why the re-amping without REAMP box is better. In absolute terms this is true, but the reality on the ground that in some cases there are not many alternatives.

I too would have liked to make me re-amping by plugging my sound card to my amp, but the reality is that if your amp or your sound card does not have a ground lift, you'll definitely use the OS and it will buzzer wickedly in your amp.


There's no clarity, there's not even a switch to turn it on, you plug everything, and voila it works.


Again, you only have to tweak its sound card, level of entry of the DI and the level knob on the pedal for a very very frankly his (very ... I insist) convincing.
It can not match a direct connection to an amp, but if you not have oscillometer integrated brain, you should not be disappointed


Thomann, it really is less expensive, dipstick has had 130, while many other sites offer the 180
It's still pretty expensive, but for me that's the price for silence quality (no buzz) + sound quality!
My favorite is active model story my signal still optimistic, but I have not tried before liability (or even passive DI in reverse).
I just knew that with this model, I would have more concern for the masses and its nickel: it's Radial, do not forget still
With experience, I would do this choice, after you leave me if a cheaper passive model that promises me to eliminate ground loops and keeps me as ballsy signal, I sign immediately and in addition will free me ca a hold on my extensions.

Jg84's review (ProD2)

By Jg84, 02/04/2014
Needless to reproduce here all the specs on the site arranged Radial. Product feel well built, well finished, very robust and durable, built "like a tank".


Typical use for that is accustomed to the use of any DI box.


This model includes transformers, thereby isolating most electrical problems and can provide an interesting subtle coloring according to sources. For an "entry level" model, no complaints about the sound.


Using Radial DI for years, super happy even though I'm past the Orchid models Electronics UK (more cost, lighter and less bulky). I think however the quality / price unbeatable Radial report (the Orchid models do not have transformers series and thus are potentially more susceptible to certain electrical disturbances).

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