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Unrecognized (DFX-48)

By Vilovilo, 27/08/2014
Reverbs, delays, chorus, flanger and digital overs in all 24bit 48K.
Frankly this rackmount unit is doing its job,
Balanced inputs and outputs XLR jacks, you can set the input gain with a small screw once you have selected the dbu +4 or -10 dbv (or the opposite, I do not know ...)
A small software can manage settings from the PC If you can edit the front.
For a small hardware unit it works pretty well, such as reverb return for singing, I think you can even use it as an auxiliary ...


Single arch, from the PC
Manuel ???? for what?


From my point of view, all the effects are very good, I admit to not having tried the saturations.
I use it mainly as an insert in the headphone back to record vocals and guitars but I really think we can ask him more.


I use it for 3 years now I have been there a long time and then a little QuadraVerb ART FX1 not bad but 16-bit 44.1 in my opinion the synq is superior in sound and handling.
Most: the sound, simplicity price.
Cons: can be rack format that we do not take easily to play in a bar (what can be done with the ART).
In a frame home studio I do it again this choice without hesitation.