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User reviews on Horn/Mellophone products

Old horn study (Courtois - Cor)

By Alexbaryton, 28/12/2012
This was my horn study purchased in 1983, is no longer produced today.

One negative point is its weight, it is very heavy.

A positive, mechanical still works fine even if I do not play more than once or twice a year, it never stuck.

For a student, it is always better than 400 euros horn of the bay.

Professional Cor (Gebr. Alexander - 200)

By Alexbaryton, 30/04/2013
I use since 1992, first as student, then semi-pro and amateur now. I tried many horns at that time Paxman 20L (excellent also, I had one for 10 months, but the position of left hand gives me cramps), Holton (also very good), Conn. (really very large shank) and a yamaha too.

I love aesthetics, plus it's an anniversary model with the large ring flag, I'm comfortable with the physical.
Least half the high B flat (in C) does not always go well.

Today, with the same budget, I would do this choice. But if I had (much) more money I think I will buy a Schmid. I was amazed by a F / Bb / Eb acute tried Musicora years ago.

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