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HQ Power
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To avoid (VDLL60ST)

By maitrepixel, 12/02/2013
Suitable -Power
-Pris Tiny
-consumption very low (LED technology)
-no button on / off to the rear
-button unnecessary sensitivity
-The LED hurt the eyes in the long
-do has up to 10 flashes per second

Notice Dtail:

I wanted to take this product as attracted by the LED technology. so I bought this a few weeks ago but I quickly found out that it does not count rpondait to my requirements. This is my first strobe bought but I will buy another and complterais the notice if necessary. The good aspects: The product consumes very little. Its adapter into the supplied 12V DC 500mA 6W so. The ratio (yield) light power output / power between electric is impressive. It is obvious that the weight of this product is minimal. If you do not have a budget (but not at all;) ) you can take product quality the price is good. Also you do not need to change the bulb.
The bad points. Dj this system does not produce flash properly spoken. If you rglez the potentiomtre at least you do not have a period of about 1 second alternating each of either light or dark periods and decrease just amount. Therefore pointless for my taste. And given that the system does not rise has 10 flash per second as you say that you will spend time with the potentiomtre max. Secondly the flashes are not at all clear. So the movements dtachs effect is to forget it and clear the play more than anything else. Last Dtail little more atypical noise halogne strobe :(
To conclude I dconseille this purchase if you are demanding

the-dj-stef's review (VDPDMXDP152)

By the-dj-stef, 09/01/2007
VDPDMXDP152 Hq Power Power Block 4 channels 4 x 6.3A (with Schuko plugs) Input: DMX and analog 0-10V. additional protection of the general block 20A