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Throbak presents KZ-115 MXV P.A.F.

Throbak has released the KZ-115 MXV P.A.F. humbucker guitar pickup - a model made on the very winding machine used at Gibson's Kalamazoo factory.

According to ThroBak, the KZ-115 PAF humbucker is the closest possible reproduction of the original models that came out from Gibson's Kalamazoo factory in 1957. Wound on the very KZ/LP-115 winding machine Gibson used for both PAF humbuckers and P90 pickups in 1957 and rescued from Kalamazoo by none other than Les Paul himself before Gibson's move to Nashville, ThroBak's KZ-115 PAF pickups claim to awaken the elusive early PAF pickup dynamics and low end depth of the originals, owing its distinct tone to the custom Gibson Kalamazoo winding fixtures, wire guides and set-up of the original vintage winder.

Available with long A2, long A4 or long A5 magnets, these timed, vintage wind, vintage PAF pickups reproduction are said to offer the same variation of the early vintage PAF's but with the magnet choice in the players control with the wind time under ThroBak's watchful eye.

Price is $539.00 per pair - but for the price it ships worldwide for free AND you get a free set of ThroBak Vintage Choice guitar strings with your order.

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