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User Review

Very good amp, well built, with its Fender! - Reviews Fender Roc Pro 1000

Value For Money : Excellent
100w amp transistor preamp and a lamp for overdrive.
Hp 12 'Fender designed (made by Eminence)
Spring Reverb Accutronic made in USA (excellent!)
3 channels (clean + 2 overdrives)
Mid shift in mitigation mediums (but also treble it seems my ear, it softens the peaks of the sound, the sound is softer, not "soft" either!)
Effects loop, exit Hp 8ohms
3 footswitch buttons to select channels and one for the reverb
The amp is relatively light given the robust construction (18kg), grille and logo protective steel, simple interior electronics, the block itself is lightweight, aluminum (presumably the goal is to reduce noise, interference ...)
The pro Roc was built between 1997 and 2000, I had the performer 1000 late 90s, built between 95 and 96 (almost the same except the look), the Roc Pro 1000 has a look more "rock" It is aptly named!
This is a made in the USA, the construction is very good! (It seems indestructible, this is the effect it made me at first, and even after completely disassembled for cleaning)


Immediately his Fender is obtained on the clear channel (which is why I bought it), I had not tried this amp for 15 years and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, as the Performer 1000, the clear sound is simply very good. I will not say great because I have a Fender The twin that is unbeatable for clear sound, remain the twin twin! (But it's not the same price, the same weight, not even maintain long-term)
Otherwise what is really good with this amp is that it reacts like a tube amp on the overdrive channel, when we drop the guitar volume can be obtained clear his ... well we can play "the old "and it does not at all sound the same.
The potentiometers bass, mid, treble are very reactive and can really sculpt the sound (with lots of bass, or a very sharp), and even more if we integrate we can play the amp pushing the volume and lowering the guitar volume ...
The only "negative" thing is that the volume knob overdrive or a potentiometer B100 short, a linear potentiometer which makes the loud noise from the first scale (that of the clear channel audio type and therefore linear, at least on mine, I wonder if it has not been changed by a previous owner as my Performer in 1000 also had very strong volume on the clear channel). So I think this knob to change the overdrive channel of an audio guy.


So his issue and what is the Fender for clear channel, very good clear sound with excellent reverb!
For overdrive, I did not buy this amp for that, I must say I am pleasantly surprised, if some do not like it then I think they should use to advantage knobs (bass, mid , treble) and also play with the guitar volume, the resulting sounds are frankly very good and I am really surprised to have so much fun playing the amp on these two channels, there is a channel that seems to sound a little more modern and has a slightly higher (can be interesting group out of the mix for a solo) volume.
I had quickly Fender Champion 100 (very nice amp) and issue volume 2 amps are equal I think (benefit perhaps the champion 100 for his 2 hp), but the champion 100 (despite what it says on the prospectus) is heavier than 18kg (when I returned to a very light cardboard Fender, weight was 21 kg, so I think it weighs 20 kg and is announced ... 18 kg commercial purposes ...). The Roc Pro seems better built and stronger (stronger cabinet, thicker wood, steel grid protection, spring reverb accutronic usa ... and a small lamp for overdrive, I do not know if she has a big influence on the sound but this one is good, very blues-rock-hard ... not metal, but hey you not buy a Fender for that style of music ...)
Well of course the dynamics of the amp is not that of a tube amp, but the sound is really good, I like tube amps but I can recognize when a transistor amp sounds great and that he still a very good dynamic sound spectrum is very extensive, it has very nice bass, good midrange and treble singing (for those who find the aggressive treble there is the "treble" potentiometer can find its usefulness!) !!!), I love the clarity of the sound of this amp!


I was looking for an amp with effects loop, with a good clear channel (Fender preferred), easy to use and we do not need to heat (ie a transistor), I started by looking at the side of 3 mustang, but I did not need all these effects, simulations ... (I almost take a new one, then I thought that with the new price I could have used a better amp opportunity and that I could have a good transistor for cheap)
The Mustangs used three prices are so high (well close to the price of nine) that I turned to legacy Fender Roc Pro 1000 and arrived before my eyes by chance (amp to new condition with some dust ... I redid it a youth and it seems out of the store), I did not hesitate!
If you need a good amp well built (made in USA), simple, powerful and reliable, so do not necessarily looking for the next new models (which are not maize but often made by looking for maximum economy), we can find very good business opportunity. The Roc Pro 1000 I like its design and of course the sound it delivers, it is very versatile if you do not need to have 36 effects built into the amp.
This amp was selling more than 4,000 francs at the time, today it is almost pay anything (especially if you look at what 4000 represented francs at the time and that is the bargain price today!) Yet the sound of the amp has not aged a bit, on the contrary, authentic sound for lovers of blues-rock looking gross amp, reliable and indestructible (I would not bet on this new Fender Mustangs, is -this they still work in 20 years with all the electronics? Especially if one thinks of the research done on planned obsolescence, and finally we should say the components "scheduled breaks" ...).
In short, the Roc Pro is a simple to discover for those who do not know and who are interested in amp ... but there's not many people who love these amps, the fashion of all-tube and modeling has eclipsed these ancient simple and well built transistors ... good, they are found for really cheap looking good! :-)