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User Review

100% - Reviews Marshall 8280 ValveState Bi-Chorus

t prcdemment said everything I think ...


The config is pretty simple, the manual summary besides, I've never consulted.

The rglages are fairly intuitive.

The cable from the pedal switch and dnud ct pedal, not very sturdy even if the case is robust.

It is a very heavy amp, I've never used live but forget jalopy a row (usually I play on stage with an acoustic style Roland AC60 also too lours for carry foot deep AER Compact 60!)


I bought this amp to the Trash and I do not have the t!

I played a BC Rich NJ series (2 singles + double splittable, all possible combinations).
Rcemment with LTD Kirk Hammett EMG (its zero interest but clear distortion is FATAL!)

The clean sound is pretty cool (Marshall), but by pushing the volume clear background with a master down we can have good crunch sounds typs lamps.
Otherwise it's clean for surfing but it's not his fender lamps, while dpend of what one seeks.

If using light crunch of the channel or an overdrive sound is quite poor and not very intressant in my case.

Overdrive 2 ... the we can talk. How to say, sends heavy, very heavy and with a humbucker was the big distortion Marshall, not to make friends what! .. ranges from AC / DC, Slash, Metallica's other NONMETALS, button outline as quite effective.
Ms a crappy guitar (Aria pro2 especially beginners) sounds good in distortion.

The amp sounds very hard but pushing too much the quality of the distortion down a bit I think, say that returns to the medium.

The rverbe is nice.

Chorus is really very good, with both HP has an excellent spatial. Better than my pedal Boss CE-3 Chorus and more "space" on a Roland AC60. By fiddling you can make a Lger flanger or tremolo type sound.
Ct little fun, snapping the chorus with at least one chorus rglages alger boost in volume that may be useful for a solo, the chorus does not dnaturant disto.


I use the basement when I'm visiting my parents for the holidays and I have time (10/15 days per year)

It's not a cheap amp, sounds great for rock spot with distos acres or fat. kif.

I put 8 but if there was a clear the fender I put more than 9. Marshall