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User Review

lolodoc's review - Marshall 8280 ValveState Bi-Chorus

Value For Money : Excellent
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?

mosfet hybrid amp + lamp

What is the power delivered?
75 watts into 8 homs

What connection?

Complete connectivity hyper ..... + + + loop send / return + + + +

What are the settings, the effects? ...

Built-in stereo chorus and reverb ....


Right for your style of music?

Amps really go anywhere ..... the clean, to crunch, od1tupe jcm 800, OD2 shreed hyper Compression metal .... hard not to find something .....

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?

fender, gibson, jackson, Burny, tokai love rock .... etc!

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?

The sound is very particular: it is no longer a transistor amp, and not quite a tube amp (all lamps) is not .... at the crossroads of two worlds: be very interesting indeed! ! the sound is truly unique ... it Valvestate! we like it or not .....

For me it was almost méllieurs of these two worlds in the same amp!!


How long have you use it?

I used it right out (there are now over 15 years .....), I then played six years before selling it reluctantly to pay me a head Marshall JCM 800 lead series ... . and then the time spent, and I owned the jcm 800 and jcm 900, Soldano, mesa, fender, orange, etc. ..... and then, two months ago .... I had the OPPORTUNITY to find a used one in good condition and not too expensive: and? and? well I bought without any hesitation!

Why? and good stereo sound first !!!!! and then for its great value / bargain price right now ...... Regular price change lamps / robustness when we lug around together by repeating, from right to left without stopping ....
amp is anything but a headlock! except for a reservation on the possible change of 1 or 2 pots (disease marshall all, even the most expensive amps unfortunately ...), it is a reliable and strong!
With experience, and after 25 years of amps of all kinds, lamp or transistor, of any prize, any weight, any brand, ...... and with my current level of play guitar ..... a little patience to choose my settings: This amp covers just prét 99.9% of my needs ....
Try this on your own amp, if you get a chance, make your own opinion with your ears and not with what everyone says ..... (Like if it's not all it's less lights = good!)

So if you cross an electronics pro seriously just ask him the following question:

'Between an all-tube amps and amp mosfet / lamp, which one is the most efficient and reliable ???".

I think you'll be probably surprised by his answer .....