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User Review

voodoo down's review - Marshall 8280 ValveState Bi-Chorus

Value For Money : Excellent
I used the one with Alessi Quadraverb QII insert it into giant, the effects loop yet to master but with a little experience the sound is fabulous
multiple pedals are connected directly volume, wah wah, q tron, compressor, stereo chorus + chorus on the amp bi ... jy then added a Boss SE70 all connected to a preamp to connect 4 on the amp and guitar to finish a transmitter shure ...
It's been almost 10 years and I repeat runs with this configuration, the amp is super robust and supports all the connectors.


Regular use for about 10 years, bought new amp, a few problems with potentiometers that require very frequent cleaning (noise chrachements)


Super sound, very versatile, both in rock that in jazz, super good quality / price ratio
the stereo is great and j is even considering to add two additional speakers.
the amplifier has a very complete connectivity that is not always found on new models apparently (p can be) more efficient.
c amp is certainly the most comprehensive that I have long professional connection to a


A bit fragile in the long run (potentiometers), but always faithful after 10 years