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User Review

Jean-marc bertrand's review - Marshall AVT275

This is a hybrid combo 2 X 75W, with pre-amplification stage tube (ECC83) and digital effects. There are 4 channels, 2 effects sections 16, 12 2HP (celestial). It comes with a foot to 6-way lights.

9 for strength, finish and overall appearance of the product. It is nice and solid!


Use of this amp is you can not classic 3-band equalizer (bass / mid / high) for each channel (clean / overdrive). Bright button to add shine and touch scoop to dig the sound.

8 effects for non-adjustable foot (see below).


At the sound, I must admit that for the price, I was pleasantly surprised. First of all it is worth noting that I tossed and turned in all directions to maximize the different settings and sounds it can offer. At the clean sound, the lamp gives a certain richness and harmonic dynamics. It is not only a transistor amp and you can hear. As for the distortion, it's nice to find the typical sound marshall. Do not expect was the JCM 800 or JCM 2000 (why you can expect to double the budget), but found that I do not know what, this feature precious marshall sound that made the legend of bands like maiden. It is true that the integrated effects are of high quality, the only problem is that once an effect assigned manually via a knob to a channel, it is impossible to change during a song "live". In other words, you select your reverb, delay your or your chorus once and for all, but if you want to change in the score, and although the footswitch do not allow it. It is harmful if you want to play on stage for varying styles and moods. Fortunately, with four different channels, there is something to concoct variations of its very interesting.
In Chapter disabilities here are a must: the weight. It incontestabelment a studio amp! Itinerant musicians who want to repeat often in different places and different go your way because the animal not less than 37 kg.
Overall, I use it with an Ibanez RG550EX with passive pickups. I reach out a gro overdrive sound. Coupled with a Crybaby From Hell and an Ernie Ball volume (a plug behind of course!), I'm very outgoing properly on the maiden, the AC-DC, Hammerfall and the Saxon. I like variety and I enjoy also sounds clear. This amp is more than enough for a rehearsal or a concert in a small room or a small bar ... But if you see more, it will Repik by the sound, it's 75W Hybrid 2 X 12 kan Similarly, no lamp 4X12. But all these details do not make negative rather not lose sight of that in terms of quality / price ratio, the peaks where we touch! I'm tough and uncompromising with this combo because I compare it to the head / MESA baffles, or other TSL 100 LANEY that cost 2 to 4 X more expensive ... But in this price range, do not try, you will not find better! AVT 275 will give you the clean sounds warm and good distortion well as it should. It's clean, it's solid, it's Marshall. The stereo is well designed (back panel closed unlike the old Valvestate). Clean finish, footswitch solid and visually rewarding. Many adjustments to make you "your" sound and connectivity options! Both of acoustics for the metal, I think it is fully revealed with a good mid-range guitar.

9 for the price / quality ratio. Sounds like a price like that, it's nice.


Finally: for small grants (I'm talking about ...), it is an investment portfolio appropriate. Marshall has always been a guarantee of reliability and quality. Well above the MG series and it's not so far from JCM, you'll get your money! Be careful though weight: put it in your room or your living room and do not move over. Or call Arnold! Pay special attention to digital effects. The quality is perfect, but if you're like, "I found my sound and I keep it" ok, if you rather, I hack and I juggle with different sounds on the same pieces to make Moby on stage, better is opting for a line 6 or a vox, and then add an external multi-effects series.
Overall, this is a very good product with good connections at back cover (for an external effect rack that can boust) and numerous settings in front to grind, and grind again, and its still a grind as far as being fully satisfied. Today, with hindsight, I do it again the same choice for all those long months where I learned to quietly play guitar at home, quietly in my room and when I recorded on my computer models with sound very clean. I really enjoyed myself with, I certainly took a great pleasure. The sound is then clear that both saturated. Sustain, presence, no complaints. But now that I joined a group and we'll do concerts, it's time for me to consider a more serious investment in two bodies and all lamp. But I am perfectly aware that my budget will triple!