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Marshall AVT275 - Reviews Marshall AVT275

Cash £470 New
Local Store "Mark 1 Music". Deal,Kent.

Required a "versatile" amp, for clubs, pubs and large venue work. Looked at the Marshall DSL/TSL and Fender Hotrod Deville. Read an article on the AVT Series so decided to have a listen to the AVT 275, Marshall's AVT Flagship. What an amp, well O.K. compared back to back with the DSL or TSL it lacks a little, bit in a live mix it really does cut it.

Versatile tone , and all shades in between. That doesn't seam to suffer the sound wave clipping problems of many solid sate amps.
75w stereo ( 150w) through 2x specially designed celestion 12" speakers, sealed in an enclosed cabinet. Driven by a hybrid pre-amp, 1x ECC83 (12AX7)dual triode valve.
4 channels clean,acoustic sim, OD1 & OD2. Clean, OD1 & OD2 channels have independant gain and volume controls and bright or scoop buttons. While the acoustic simulator channel has a depth, body and volume control.
The clean channel is one the amp's best kept secrets, crank the gain right up, add a touch of EQ and reverb to taste, sit back and soak up the tone of that 12AX7 singing like an angel. If that doesn't float your' boat try OD1, from crunchy rhythm to full on blues. OD2 does what Marshall does best, Hendrix drive to " all hell's broken loose" harmonic scream.
Acoustic simulator, another good solid usable tone, sparles with single coils but humbuckers add that touch of "dreadnought body" tone.
16 on board effects, sales gimmic or after thought ? Who cares !. They sound good, "very" similar to Marshall's range of stomp boxes !.The Controls have been integrated into the amp with such simplicity you won't need to open the manual ( or get your kids to show you !).
A presence control, on a solid state amp, that does what it should, what ever next.
Emulated line's out (Stereo)
FX Loop (Stereo)
Supplied with a 6 way foot switch

Ready to gig !

Not a lot.
It's heavy ( small price to pay for the tone ) and easy solved with a set of castors or a roadie !
The gain on the acoustic sim channel struggles to compete with the other three channels. However can be over come by prudent use of the master volume.

It's a marshall.
It's heavy
It's solid

Good quality dials, switches and jacks

I own a number of amps including a couple of old valve amps. And play regularly in a couple of bands covering a wide genre of musical styles, blues, soul, rock ect.

Me, play a solid state amp, Never

This amp attends more gigs than any of the others !. Go listen to one !

Well done Jim and team

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