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Marshall AVT50 - Reviews Marshall AVT50

I bought my marshall over ebay for $299.95 plus shipping, so all in all a little under $350. I bought an avt because I had read good things about them, and i chose the 50 watter because that was about all I needed, for very small private gigs and practice.

I absolutely love everything:
First off, its loud, you can easily jam, practice, or gig with this unit, 50 watts of hybrid power give you way more than even 80 or so, in my opinion, of solid state. also, the overdrive has very good tone for a hybrid, it has one tube in the preamp, so it sounds bright, clean and focused, and the power section behaves like a tube amp, so you get good compression, sustain, and you can really get into music, even with a cheaper guitar. i play on only a regular old schector omen 6 with standard pickups, and it sounds great. the avt50's only effect is reverb, and its very nice, although i dont play reverb a lot, it works well. the clean channel is very spectacular. i love the bright, warm sound that rivals full tube units. i also liked the price i paid for it. i also dig the independant channels, each with their own, gain and volume and such.

sometimes the distortion can get a little fuzzy, you have to turn down the gain a hair to get a better sound. im thinking of putting a different tube in, one thats engineered with lower noise. but dont let that discourage you, its a nice amp worth the money.

this amp is built nicely, its quality marshall, its good, but the trade off is weight. its on the heavier side at about 50 lbs.

very nice, loud, bursting with tone and warmth. perfect for small gigs and practice. plus with a 12" celestion, you get good lows. get an amp with good overdrive already in it, dont use sissy crappy sounding pedals to get distortion.

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