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Marshall AVT50 Combo - Reviews Marshall AVT50

I'm in my second coming as a guitarist as my son is nearly tenage and getting more independent, so the wife and I have more time for our little "obsessions".
I play mainly blues and have been mainly influenced by Eric Clapton,JJ Cale amongst others although I enjoy any good guitar playing.I have two Fender Strats and a Squier Tele Custom II.I also have a Peavey Rockingham Archtop and a Fender Resonator for differenr grooves.I played in bands about 25 years ago but now just Jam with my friends.

I got this amp from Sound Control UK I traded up from my MG30DFX.
I needed a little more power "space" in my tones.All told the amp retailed at £229 GBP but my trade in bought the price down.

The amp is a simple typically solid well built Marshall product.
Gain /volume/ Bass /Treble and Overdrive with a sweet spring reverb.
Comes with a footswitch too.Effects loop is available at the back. Theres also a headphone jack .
This amp delivers for me !! It has outstanding clean tones for a Marshall , something which took me by surprise. Just roll back on the bass and boot the treble .
The OD Section is very versatile with many options available to dial in, I keep it half dirty with half reverb and the result gives me that instant recognosable Marshall clout.
Contrary to some reviews I find this Amp great for single coils. I can also find sweet Jazz tones with my Archtop.
All in all a very versatile and good amp.
I returned a crate vtx65 comb and chose this inssaed. The Crate had bags of effects but this simple Marshall just does it with pedals if you want them.
I would buy another tomorrow if it were stolen

No real gripes !

Construction: Built like a Tank - British Marshall.
Looks and feels the business

I would recommend this amp to anyone.

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