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Marshall AVT50 Combo - Reviews Marshall AVT50

I've been gigging for about 20 years. I play heavy electric blues. I run both an SSS strat with 3x Dimarzio H2s in a single coil mode and another HH strat with 2x PAF Humbuckers. My rig is pretty simple relying only on a wah, boost, compression, and some time based effects depending on the mood.

I bought this at PMT in Birmingham UK, for about £250 about 7 years ago to gig in smaller venues so I didn't have to lug around my plexi.

I love the distortion and the two channel switching. The effects loop is a nice. It's great for practicing and for small rehearsal spaces. I found it most useful if you use it for a dirty tone with an a/b to a Fender Twin for clean. Also, I like the fact that you can drive a cab if you need to. I found that through a 4x12 slant it really came into it's own.

The single speaker. I've never really liked the tone of it. It kind of just gets lost in the mix at higher volumes if you are pushing it so it needs to be mic'd. The PAFs really tend to drive the unit hard and the amp really can't keep up at higher volumes so either gets really muddy or really harsh. I am not too fond of the clean tone (hey, it
is a Marshall) To my ear I would rather use the direct out to the PA than the main speaker.

Excellent construction however the reverb went on me unexpectedly in a gig taking the rest of the unit out with it. I put this down to a freak accident.

It's heavy for the size and needs a good set of castors if you want to save your back.

You get what you pay for. I think it is a very good practice and small venue amp, but a bit dodgy for any major gig unless you have a good PA to back you up. I'd probably buy it again, but I would only buy the head and then either use the DI or mix and match cabs.

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