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User Review

pedro les doigts de fee's review - Marshall VS265R

Value For Money : Excellent
12AX7 preamp tube and transistor amplifier.
2x65-watt amp => 130 watts stereo.
The construction is particularly strong: in concert, I jumped on it many times with my guitar on my shoulder and 80 kg, it did not budge. He fell several times (cold thankfully) and there is still going strong ... There's no secret, Marshall is solid.
Effects: reverb excellent spring (3), stereo chorus incredible efficiency and expressiveness. 2 channels: clean and crunch / distortion. 3 channel EQ on each channel. Switches "bright" to add clarity to the sound and "power dimension" that simulates the operation of the lamp pushed to the bottom ...!


Configuration simple: you plug the jack, you go up the sound (not too much, 130 watts anyway!) And it sounds good. In Revenge, for one its really proper, you have to spend time (a lot) and learn to tame the EQ and play with the little switches.

Manuel? What manual? The day I would read a textbook, it will be for an iron!


It is perfect for my style of music that is: all the music! Of course, I play mostly rock. The clean sound is very dense without being stifled, perhaps a little too warm in the bass and midrange to hot jazz and bossa, is ideal. the crunch is perfect, easily adjustable from the small grain bluesy overdrive until the greasy Oasis style. The channel distortion ets high performance for all types of music except metal. Indeed, it offers plenty of gain while keeping a balanced sound and warm. Under no circumstances shall be liable to dig the sound to make metal ...

I play with a Epiphone Les Paul with EMG Zakk Wylde kit (81-85). I only use very few pedals because this amp is part of my game, my universe.

I appreciate his clear and distortion particularly hot pushed to the bottom ... which can be dirty as clean and plaintive wish ...


I bought this amp 6 years ago in an individual who sold it because his neighbor could not withstand the fiery solos!

What I like most:
It's clean
Disto-sound "plaintive"
-Between him and me is a love story and that's it!

What I like least:
The power-too important. Even in the open air, you do not push it fully, it is well worth the power of a 100W lamp ... I can tell you
Its weight-! seriously, it weighs as heavy as a dead donkey!

Value for money: love!
With experience?! of course I would do this choice!