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User Review

eFDay's review - Marshall VS265R

Amp hybrid, one 12AX7 preamp in order to give personality to the sound. Marshall Gold Back 2HP .3 channels, 2x60 watts, reverb with two separate settings Clean / Crunch-Disto. A chorus on the same principle to dress the whole.
A MIDDLE BASS TREBLE equalizer for the clean channel, another for channels (crunch-distortion)
A tone-shift switch mediums to dig in Clean.
A power switch dimension common to all channels to simulate low-volume, has pushed an amp block.
A knob "contour" crunch distortion in the medium to dig or cut (very effective).
A headphone jack, a loop effect, DI filtered output stereo.
I am looking for but I do not see what is missing ..


Very simple to use, all settings are immediately audible and effective.
It sounds without the fuss or bricolage.Tout intuitif.Un is well thought out and without fail.


Highly reactive and dynamic, I play it without external effects for the most part. It is more than enough on its own.
Sounds cleans have personality unlike what has been ecrit.Assez mediums in all, this feature can be accented with tone-shift button.
By varying the position and micro égalistion it is possible to scan a wide range sonore.Rajoutez it has a touch of Chorus and Reverb integrated and c is presqe parfait.Ouaip special mention for the chorus, it is really very good and above Stereo which makes all the difference.
No I have not practiced too much crunch on this amp, not that they repelled me, but that s not my cup of thé.Ce too that I can nevertheless say that they are c m have not appeared in the features, very different from the disto.Mais I am not an expert in the field.
The distos .... Haaaaa the distos =). It sounds, it has the character a grain (of Marshall), the loupiotte doing a very good office.Le knob "contour" can cut the sound to go to a rock sound well its a medium trash in less time that it takes for n dire.L egalistion is very effective and has tremendous reserves of acute but also lets them down completely.

Note that the DI output transplanted directly into my sound card is excellent! Both in clean saturé.De that in addition it is possible to bypass the exit Be HP meta nt a jack into the socket casque.Ideal for work without being hated by its neighbors.
L You'll understand that I love!


I have 10 years I think.
At the time I had bought, I had also tried the VS 100, in the same series that was not m Strongly believes his cabinet to the narrow single day spending.

Jai also Triamp H & K, c is very different but I have a lot of fun to go from one to the other.
Overall c is a great amp, very consistent, comprehensive, effective and well pensé.Il n I are no longer manufactured crois.Si I had to buy a Marshall TSL 602 I would take a while lamp. Al epoque But I had not sub and then he was not out yet n especially
Here n so if you're not very wealthy and looking for a complete and versatile amp (but very typical marshall) Do not hesitate he bargains lurking on ebay or audio fanzine.