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User Review

Amazing! - Reviews Randall RT50C

Any amplification 50W lamps
12AX7 preamp
2 x 6L6 power amp (can easily replace them with EL34)
Adjusting Bias in the back

2 channels: Clean and Modern Classic Overdrive
Equalisation Bass, Mid, Treble separately for each channel
Gain and Level also separated for each channel
Bright switch on the Clean channel additional
Master Volume and Reverb
Footswitch Channel / Reverb bypass / Fx Loop

I do not put more than 8/10 because I would have liked, as on some amp, a régléga impedance output


Configuration is very simple
I have not had to use the manual so I can judge

It is very easy to get a good sound and a little Bossant sound effects etc can still be improved.


I purchased this amp for metal music rather so when the gain is pushed there is no hesitation it's very good work. High Gain sound is really good, heavy and sharp without becoming confused even with the gain at max.
With Ibanez RG2550E rise EMG89, EMG and EMG SA 89 it's really obvious.
Égalment I could test it with an Ibanez RG321 rise Dimarzio / IBZ and it was a little less accurate but still more than adequate.

The cleans available playing with gain are quite varied. They are not exceptional but with the micro configuration of my Ibanez I can get sounds rather resembling a Strat Single Coil (I say "like" because it is still far from its Strat in a Twin Reverb) or much warmer sound through the side of the neck microphone.


It's been four months since I use.
I had a slight concern at the beginning was perhaps due to the previous owner, transport or perhaps manufacturing. A power tube was loose which meant that occasionally I found that he lacked even see fishing power (usually 50w lamp you remember when you head in!). After doing repairs and set everything back to normal and then I was really able to take advantage of its potential.

My previous amp was a Vox AD50VT. Obviously there is nothing to do that's a whole other category. Here you can really make your own sound that much in Clean Disto. The volume is also much larger ..

I particularly enjoyed the equalizer on each channel (this was the main reason for my choice). It is really effective and it helps bring out the guitar if necessary.

At the price I got it, the value for money is very good because I do think there is a lot of 50w all-tube model with separate EQ for each channel in these prices.

I put only 8/10 because I'm using that for sounds or Clean Metal and I find it less impressive out of these types of sounds. Not bad but just less impressive.