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[NAMM] 3rd Power Dual Citizen amp

3rd Power fulfills users wishes with the Dual Citizen, a new guitar amp that provides both Fender and Vox tones.

The new 3rd Power Dual Citizen amp features two channels, one dedicated to US Blackface/Tween style sounds and the other for British Vox AC tones. Icing on the cake, you can blend the two channels and create new sounds.

The AC channel includes Normal, Brilliant, Top Boost 1 & 2 modes as well as a Mid Contour switch and a Top Cut knob for an total of 8 adjustable tones.

The US channel features a Blackface/Tweed switch.

The Dual Citizen sports a switchable tube or solid-state rectifier, a patent-pending HybridMaster volume control that allows for having the same sound wether you play at 40W or 1W, and an effect loop.

The amp is hand built in the USA. The head version should be available this month for the US price of $2,749, combos are expected later this fall.