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User Review

With a Les Paul ... A KILLER! - Reviews Marshall 3203 Artist 30 [1984-1991]

Well then begin:
This is a hybrid amp so amplification tube (two EL34) and transistor preamp BUT it has a lamp (12AX7 if I am mistaken) that role reversal phase.

This is 30W but it rocks pretty good I think.

The connectors:
An input-input
It footswitch
-2 Outputs for hps (4 or 8 ohms)
A line-out
And the effects loop

Settings and effects:
For the settings there 9 knobs, left to right: reverb, master volume, bass, middle, treble, volume, tone, volume, gain.

So indeed, there is a footswitchable reverb (which is also reviewing home).


The configuration of the amp is super simple, you plug all, we expected a little lighter and plays! I had no manual or preset with everything.

In terms of sound ... must take time to get the one you want.
With my les paul is simple and bim I plug everything sounds better to set anyhow.
But with my Sg is more difficult, I think with EQ it should be better but I like not had the opportunity to try.

I'm very happy all the same, there is no picture!


I am a repeat with, he did not displease me yet this is hardcore punk to Have Heart.
Otherwise it is a beast for the blues sound is warm and sounds particularly well with my Egmond Lucky 7.

For the settings I have not been around long enough to say it, it looks like this or that.

This amp, I prefer the boost channel, it gives (gain background) just a terrible distortion for a Marshall 1986 I had never seen anything in the genre!

the sounds I like least is when the knob "tone" is not fully or almost I think the sound is serious, down and finally it sounds hurt my ear (matter of taste).


I use it for a week or two on a 1x12 or 2x12. I tried a lot of my amp that much (more than a JCM800 that is to say), the 30W makes it usable without hurting the ears, it is quite light and is the lowest level format as 800 or 900.

I really like the Marshall Grain present even in the distortion!

For value for money ... I can not say I had a good occas', specifically a simple exchange against a guitar.

I would do this choice between miles is a monster sound that is usable!