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Behringer MICROHD HD400

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User Reviews

Effective, the object that saves many situations

By muzikal, 18/05/2010
Having a reader of mediocre quality with land below requirements, I have problem of low frequencies in pest monitoring output of my console.

The HD400 is a filter. Branch between the console and the speaker, it eliminates the noise of parasitic fawn radical. It is more transparent sound reproduction (systm liabilities).
In such situations, the contribution of this contraption is INESPRE.

At 30 euros, the report qualitprix is ​​perfect, the equipment perfectly fulfilling its function.

loloscoop's review

By loloscoop, 29/04/2008
Small, compact. Between the Input and Output are too close ...


There's no easier ...


I tried using Guitar-Effects-Amp. Is between the guitar and effects (Vox Cooltron bigben and EHX deluxe memory man, APRS or just the effects, or between ... The amp is a Vox AC15CC1. Stratocaster guitar.

1 - This small box "food" part of the sound. And it trs net! There is an impression of sound nivlement ...

2 - No effect on small buzz that I have (but I was waiting for me). This is certainly not the buzz of ground loops.

3 - If not n'enlve little background noise that I have, it adds!!


I would not mind. Just for prciser it is certainly not made for use-Effect Guitar-Amp (lamp)

Doyeuxyvan's review

By Doyeuxyvan, 05/06/2006
I tested all asymmetrical.
Here I had a lot of electronic instruments and preamps (with land) connected to my table (not ground) to connect the stereo while a compressor (not ground) and my Atari Falcon (with ground).
Certain instruments connected to my Falcon did snore with the background noise of 50 Hz and its harmonics. All with very expensive cables. Disconnection of the masses did nothing, even + dangerous disconnect land no effect either.
Discouraged, I order the HD400 in the Behringer brand + is that I can not stand.
Well it cost twenty euros is Made in China, so I'll try.
I suspect that within there is a transformer.


First connection, connection between the table and the Falcon.
Result: more hum!
In + is secure because the land is still connected!

Another instrument with earth, was snoring through the table, one with earth. The HD400 solves the problem.

Design error (Behringer Ha la la!), The jacks are too close together.
In fact it happens that the masses of input and output jack come into contact.
Result, it has more effect! So make sure that by plugging in the masses of input and output jacks are not in touch!


It seems to me that it does not distort sound quality.


Basically, ideally, for all connections between machines with asymmetrical earth would require a transformer of this type. Take several, ca always helps out, and it caused a sensation.
This solution is still unknown, yet it is much the better.
I will still turn to brands more serious as Palmer (ILP-03), or ART Jensen (DTI).

Lenoir's review

By Lenoir, 05/10/2014
Analog, passive, a small box that apparently not very strong arm and forget if it does its job.


Nothing special to report. I use it mostly for a PC connected to a small sound system with a lot of annoying noise that could be heard as soon as I moved the mouse. Now, absolute silence.


Pretty happy with that side. There may be even more transparent, but it is certainly much more expensive.


The word of warning to prevent you (maybe) lose 25 € if you do not need it: his sales pitch is all rotten. Let me explain. In reading the various descriptions in the language of Molière, the trick is presented as a magic sound that will get you permanently get rid of any stray noise. Here, we think of various buzzs, breath, etc. Error !!! Its sole job is to disappear in front of your entire dumbfounded hum associated with ground loops ears, and nothing more. on the other hand, this, the widget does it perfectly well for a cheap price. But it is not a noise gate: if you buy by saying that thanks to him the storm comes out of your speakers will turn into light breeze, you may be very disappointed (e) against the audible inefficiency of the machine.
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Behringer MICROHD HD400 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Behringer
  • Model:MICROHD HD400
  • Category:Hybrid Pre-amps
  • Added in our database on: 08/08/2008

This super-compact solution removes AC hum and noise. Ground loops are safely broken while sonic quality is maintained. The HD400 automatically converts unbalanced signals into balanced without signal loss. The unit carries two 1/4\' TRS inputs and outputs for 2 mono or 1 stereo signal.

Source: Behringer website

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