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Sontronics CHIMERA

Sontronics launches CHIMERA, a single-channel preamp/DI box that offers two discrete circuits : valve and solid states.

Users can choose between the crystal-clear, transparent character of the solid-state amplifier or the smooth, silky tones served up by the valve preamp. Each vintage circuit design is totally unique to Sontronics, employing the highest quality traditional components and custom-made transformers.

Further fine adjustments can be made using the variable high-pass filter, three-stage attenuation and phase controls, enabling CHIMERA to create an infinite number of sonic colourations.

With a near-linear frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz, CHIMERA will preserve the unique characteristics of your favourite mics and instruments into the recording stage, and the electronically balanced inputs and outputs ensure that CHIMERA will deliver your signal to your recording system with perfect integrity. CHIMERA offers the kind of sonic excellence and engineering quality you’d find in a premium branded preamp, but comes at a much more affordable price point.

specs :
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz max. +/-0.5dB (solid-state), max. +/-0.7dB (valve)
  • Controls: Line/mic/48V input selector, input gain 0-60dB, high-pass filter (linear to 200Hz, stepped), attenuation (0dB, -10dB, -20dB), phase reverse, mode select, master output level
  • Inputs (all analogue): Balanced XLR/jacks front and rear
  • Outputs (all analogue): Balanced XLR/jack rear, insert point
  • Metering: Input/output VU meter, signal and clip LEDs
  • Valve: Electro-Harmonix ECC82/12AU7 (branded)
  • Power: mains powered via IEC 100V-240V switchable
  • Format: Desktop unit with rack kit option (two units can sit side-by-side in rack)
Available: March 2008
Suggested RRP (ex. tax): GBP680, EUR999, USD1399.

CHIMERA is 100% made in Europe, having been conceived and designed in the UK, and developed and manufactured in Portugal, signalling the start of an exciting European-based partnership.