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User Review

8 great preamps in 1U - Reviews Yamaha AD8HR

Digital 8-channel preamp
1U 19 "rack (note: deep and heavy)

Controllable in front, with a knob and two pushbuttons
(Gain, + 48V, High Pass Filter), a channel selection button.
Equipped with a display that shows the gain, a peak-meter and a mini LED for 48V and HPF per channel.
All of this is remotely controllable by a Yamaha console, with it is connected via the HA (RS422) port. We can link the preamps on the HA serial bus, so order several Preamps.

With me it works with convertos Ethernet TCP / IP <> Series.
For the record, on the DM1000 for example, assigns the gain on the knob of the channel (the same used in PAN) and in this case, the gain is even recorded in the scene (which is not the If channel table itself).

44-96kHz digital conversion 24 bits.
Internal clock, AES (1/2 inputs on connector) or word clock.

8 inputs on XLR-3 at the rear of the device (not preferred, but we said '1U').
The output is only in digital AES.
And only with a Yamaha AES DB25 (2 connectors coming out the same signal except 96kHz double channel) connector.

You can set the cutoff frequency of the high-pass filter for each channel independently
(20Hz to 600Hz).

Very easy to copy settings from one channel to the other (just by pressing a button and then the second without the first release).

Ah yes, the front panel can be locked to not allow the remote config (careful when the rack is on stage and the FOH mixer to the board).


Very easy to use.
Manual short and well done. Useful reading: there are functionalities that would not guess without reading it.


Most important: Excellent preamps!
It just rings, nickel, transparent and airy wish.
I just re-recording of a concert with my 2 AD8HRs: what happiness!

Just one detail: we hear a slight noise when a gain range passes to the other (the adjustment range of 72dB in 1dB steps!). From what I've read, this is true of the current RIO too.


I bought there qq years now.
The comparison with the DM1000 is simple: the internal preamp thereof are buried. Point.
(But those of the DM1000 is not that bad.)

Today we find them really cheap.
I read somewhere at the new RIO are very close.
Why not take if you have a digital Yamaha table?
There are plenty of home-studio owner (it says?) Or small studios who install modules external preamps that cost almost as much as them.

1U aspect is interesting, but you have a rack "full format" because they are very deep.
Heavy and Yamaha also recommends that you do not stack more than 2 without a breakdown between them. It is true that it heats!

Really good!