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A "must have" ... - Reviews Ensoniq ESQ1

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The original sounds are a good start. Just take the first sound internal 1 "Piano": we see that the oscillator 3, which is cut, it is a synthetic wave. It falls in the volume and the sound is, well, pretty close to a CP80 ... Similarly, starting from its "tog" (internal 2), we see that it is the piano sample with an envelope pad which provides the medium of the patch spectrum. It is replaced by "saw", which in fact three of the coup, some differences in "fine tune" and it was then a pad rather "Obie". You can still adjust the pitch of the 3 Osc with low values of the LFO's waveform with random softened, and then there, hello: a pad living, vibrant but still playable.
Go to Factory Sound, they are full of tricks and facilitate programming to get what one wants, even hitting a happy coincidence.


It's a long story: I got it shortly after its release. I was still obsessed with the D hic sock, I could not pay the 2 together, so, I opted for the Japanese. I have long deceived. He is all!
It took me a while to understand and now, with hindsight and the haircut, I do less bullshit and try to keep a max of stuff. The ESQ1 I just pick was inflated: PA decoder, extending sequencer, additional cartridge of 6 banks and OS 3.50 ...
That one I keep. Note that I pass directly through a TC Electronic G-Major: I keep the stereo and programmed into patches, with a slow chorus, reverb hall for three seconds and a slight delay: I cry and I n 't that the satisfaction of the members of my group.