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CV I/O 4mm banana plug vs. 3.5mm TS jack - forum Novation Summit


I happen to have three synths that can talk CV (control voltage): two have CV inputs in 3.5mm TS jack (Summit and Minilogue XD), whereas one (Hydrasynth KB) has CV inputs and outputs in what I believe to be 4mm banana plugs. As a result, they're not compatible without third-party equipment. I tried to purchase some converter, but found none out there.

  • Would you have an easy solution?
  • Banana have a single connection, whereas TS jack have two (signal+ground). What are the risks leaving out the ground unconnected. Would the converter need to have some special attention not to damage a 2K Summit in the process?
  • Could I cut out one end of a TS cable and reconnect the signal cable to a separately purchased banana plug leaving the ground unconnected (how do I avoid short cuts)?

Thanks in advance. Regards.
Found this: :D: (hum, not too fast, wait for it...)


(Connecting PHENOL to Eurorack)

But they seem sold out: :(:(((

Note: I won't have the extra unused CV plugs (see video) to connect the grounds though. But, hopefully they are in a house connected to the same power multisocket.