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Ibanez 10

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User reviews on Ibanez 10 products

Ibanez Metal Charger (Ibanez - MS10 Metal Charger)

By MGR/Eric, 05/04/2003
I aquired the MS10 on an online auction site. I paid $30 for the metal charger.

When I received the MS10 in the mail I was happy. I am always happy to receive pedals in the mail. The metal charger sounded ok when it arrived. It just didn't have the sound I was looking for i.e. Ts-9 ts-808 sound. There is a great mod it make this pedal sound smoother and not so harsh. In the drive circuit if you take out two of the output diodes it cleans the sound up rather nicely. If you search on the web for mods you will find the schematic.

Ibanez makes good quality pedals being made in Japan. The pots are of inferior quality. The foot switch is made of plastic.

The MS10 has the quarter inch jacks mounted on the circuit board. This design flaw make cause failure of the unit if the quarter inch jacks are abused.

After the mod the metal charger screams like a tube screamer. It also has some cool equalization. I give it a 6.

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Ibanez MS-10 (Ibanez - MS10 Metal Charger)

By MGR/Laco, 12/11/2004
I bought my MS-10 on e-bay for 30 euros

I found its sound quite muddy, not as good as I expected so I looked on internet for some ideas how to make it better... Deffinitely you will obtain a GREAT, BRIGHT and JUICY tube-screamer sound by removing diodes 3 & 4 and replacing diodes 1 & 2 by standard red LEDs. You will love it !!!!

Nothing to say !

... standard IBANEZ serie 10 construction ... quite good ...

Just try to modifie it and let me know ;-)

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Ibanez SC-10 (Ibanez - SC10 Super Stereo Chorus)

By MGR/Billy, 06/11/2010
This is the Ibanez SC-10 Super Stereo Chorus. It is a light blue, plastic box with 3 knobs. The knobs are speed, delay time and width. My guess is this is from the late 80s.

Ran into a used deal on this. I paid about $25 for it since I was not certain it worked. When I got it home it worked fine. Sweet deal! I didn't need another chorus pedal, I just bought it to compare it.

It is a nice middle of the road chorus. A little noisey. This is an analog circuit, so it will get you closer to a vintage sound.

It was in my budget, it is analog and it offers you delay time as well as speed and depth.

I wish I could get a faster speed out of it. I was hoping that this could get me a better mock Hammond Organ Leslie effect, but the lower speed is holding me back.

This is a plastic box unit. If not abused it will work fine and hold up, but it can't take the abuse that a metal box would. The spring loaded battery compartment sometimes needs some coaxing to open.

A great sleeper analog chorus pedal. These usually go for cheap, pick one up while you can!

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Nice Analog Chorus (Ibanez - SC10 Super Stereo Chorus)

By audiosalvage, 11/09/2016
This is the next generation of Ibanez chorus after the very good cs9. Very close sounding to the CS9 but with the addition of a delay time knob. This pedal is just as solid as its predecessor, made of die cast METAL (NOT PLASTIC)except for the switch. All in all a warm kind of subtle, organic sounding chorus that won't disappoint. If you can snap one up for cheap, do it, cause they are not a secret find anymore. Peace.