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Ibanez 7

Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz

User reviews on Ibanez 7 products

Ibanez DE 7 Delay Echo (Ibanez - DE7C Delay/Echo Pink)

By MGR/Alexander Fields, 06/07/2005
I get this thing in a local music store for about $100 USD

The knobs are easy to move, you can be as very accurate with the speed of the delay

this thing last about 3 months then it won´t work and I always had troubles to activate the effect, I don´t know if only my unit was damage but i´m sure i´ll never get any tone lock pedal

pretty damm hard thing I´m sure it will never broke up but i think the boss pedals are even better

Prove it and ask someone else who had bought it before you get one

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Ibanez CF-7 Chorus / Flanger (Ibanez - CF7 Stereo Chorus/Flanger)

By MGR/Billy, 08/11/2010
This is the silver Chorus Flanger combo pedal put out by Ibanez as part of the Tone Lok series.

I traded a friend for it. Brand new they for $60 with a free power supply from American Musical Supply.

What sold me on it was the sloppy, dirty analog sounding chorus. It nailed the Andy Summers' tone on some of the early Police records. When you messed with the knobs it affected the pitch. The speed, depth and delay are more than I could ever need.

It is a noisy non-true bypass pedal. I only see this pedal working out jamming or on stage. Recording with it would be a hassle. I would not suggest it for a mellow jazz setting either.

The flanger effect was very unimpressive to me, but I loved the chorus tone.

The box it built strong. It is a rugged metal. It could definitely take some abuse. The 'set and forget' knobs are pretty cool. You more getting a cool sound at practice then losing the settings in transit.

This pedal is very rock n roll. It's sloppy, loud, can take a few punches and will come back next weekend for more! If you want an 80s analog chorus sound but can't shell out the big bucks for an older Boss or Electro Harmonix, give this a shot.

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Great Tube Screamer! (Ibanez - TS7 Tube Screamer)

By Jerald, 26/05/2017
Got this b/c I found out that they have the Orig JRC 4558 Op Amp Chip and have the orig TS-9 (80's models) circuit path/components! New TS-9 reissues DO NOT!! I think it sounds alittle flatter than my Biyang OD-8 (TS808 clone) but WAY tighter and I only use it for boosting my Hi Gain tones. Some complain the switch is cheap but the pedal is cheap and replaceable. Has a metal chasis too. I love mine!!

Dangerous FUZZ (Ibanez - FZ7 Fuzz)

By Daniel Hill, 26/06/2017
Fender Tele, Fender Champion100 amp, a dozen effects board.
Bought this pedal looking for that fuzz sound because what do I know about overdrives.
Basic Boss style Pedal with those cool tonelock knobs and a 'damage switch' which is nice.
Plenty of Fuzz and volume on this one, good size, good weight, good color.
This pedal was cheap enough for me to buy so I went with it and was never dissapointed enough to wanna sell for another, Had to learn to use it as it isnt made for power chord chugging (Ive owned this pedal before and got rid) Whats good about it does what its supposed to with added grit or something to me is what makes it stand out from other fuzz's.