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Ibanez 9

Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer

User reviews on Ibanez 9 products

Ibanez CS-9 Chorus (Ibanez - CS9 Stereo Chorus)

By MGR/Billy, 06/11/2010
This is the purple early 80s 2-knob Ibanez Stereo Chorus CS-9 from the popular and collectible 9 series from Ibanez.

The knobs are simple, you have speed and width.

Same deal, I was out on the hunt for cool gear and saw Guitar Center just brought it in on trade. It was $50. I bought it because it was a very subtle chorus compared to the newer more high tech ones out on the market today.

Simple to use and a very strong casing. The pedal more or less warmed up my clean tone instead of giving it an actual chorus.

The effect is subtle. If you are looking for a strong chorus effect, look elsewhere. I have the width and depth knobs cranked and there was not much of a strong effect going.

Bullet proof. Metal box, metal jacks, strong knobs. This unit is nearing 30 years old and still works as good as the day it was born.

If you want a subtle vintage chorus this may work for you, if you want a really fat fast moving chorus, this is NOT your pedal. The value of these pedals are going up and well worth hanging onto.

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Perfect from vintage blues to boosted modern metal (Ibanez - TS9 Tube Screamer)

By jkessel, 30/04/2012
This pedal's been around for decades and has been used by almost every professional guitarist at one point or another. Used either as a slight overdrive or as a boost to push a tube amp harder this pedal is very versatile.


My only real complaint about this pedal is the LED is very dim. Unless you're on a dark stage and in direct vision it's very hard to see if it's on or off. There are mods to replace it with a brighter one, but stock it's not ideal. Other than that it's great, haven't ever had any problems and I've owned a few. Switch has never gone bad, knobs never get static-y, and jacks have never cut out. Pretty solid pedal.


This pedal has a pretty natural tone, sounds pretty similar to a real overdriven tube amp. There's a slight mid boost to it which helps cut through other instruments as well as filling out the tone a bit. With the gain high and volume around half it gives a natural overdriven tone, similar to Steve Ray sounds. With the gain at minimum to half and the volume maxed it works as a boost. Put in front of a tube amp it'll push the amp harder resulting in even more overdrive than just either by themselves. Most modern metal bands prefer to use one as a boost into a high gain amp. The mid boost again fills out the tone a little along with helping cut through the mix. It also helps tighten the low end which is crucial for faster music along with low tuned guitars.


I've owned a few of these over the years and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy another if anything happened to this one. It's very solid built, looks and sounds great, and is a pedal that always stays in my chain regardless of what kind of music I'm playing. I'd recommend it to anyone playing jazz, blues, all the way to rock and metal.

A great chorus (Ibanez - CS9 Stereo Chorus (Vintage))

By roguewillot63, 16/12/2015
I own a 1982 Ibanez CS9 - hence Made In Japan.

If you fall for it on the second-hand market, don't hesitate to open it so as to clean it up and use an air spray to get rid of all dust then use it to clean the contacts, pots and jack.

2 setting knobs, 1 battery compartment, 1 9V plug.
1 guitar input
2 outputs: out and inverted out, each to be plugged to a different amp to take full advantage of the chorus effect.

A 100% analog effect: very warm and musical! It sounds very well, I favor it over modern digital chorus effects which often sound colder.

Plugged to the front of an amp, no problem, but used in the effect loop it will sound better with an overdriven sound.

No true bypass or buffer so be careful when using it in a parallel fx loop with digital effects: it can cause real problems! I experiences losses in volume. I managed to get around it by setting my loop 100% wet (it behaves like a serial loop then) and separating the digital and analog pedals in two separate loopsusing the Boss LS-2, but any A/B box could do the same. Now, I keep the full volume.

Once past this generation gap between the 1980s and 2000s, it's all perfect!

In the end, in spite of the simple settings it is easy to find different settings. Ther's even a Leslie mod which allows to get a Vibe sound for those who want to go even further.

A great stompbox, easy to find and not too expensive which will give you 80s-style chorus sounds!

Great addition to the TS series! (Ibanez - TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer)

By Jerald, 25/06/2018
I have a Ibanez TS-7, a TS8008 clone, and now this TS9DX. It is built like a TANK! Sounds like it has quality components. Very smooth and creamy overdrive that doesn't break up....EVER, at any setting! I was going to sell mine as I got it in a trade for fixing a guitar but just couldn't let it go! Steve Vai used this for years (seen it on his pedalboard). Just a great Tube Screamer!

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