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User reviews on Ibanez AE products

rondoudou50's review (Ibanez - AE405)

By rondoudou50, 07/01/2006
Made in Korea
20 frets, micro? I do not know
volume settings + low + mid + treble + 1 LED battery level
handle seems a little at a standard Ibanez


The handle is a pleasure, not too thick, not too round,
Ergonomics is good, the guitar stands out nicely on the thigh
the sound is cool, but with a metal strand
do not hesitate to play with a little force to take it.
Well I'm not a pro, if the song is too tired I crossed, it's not a scratch electric ..
What is difficult is changing the battery, take off the ropes and go through the eye of rose, not really practical and hope that this does not happen if you practice in public!


I play blues and some jazz, goes well with the guitar.
I use a Roland Jazz Chorus amp, the two go well, but I
a little difficult to have "big bass" to the "fat", the guitar still tends
on the lens and clears a bit low.
For all the songs that sound is really clear in against suitable connected or unplugged.


I have about 10 years.
I had taken for its clear sound and look, I love it!
At the time I had compared to a Takamine and a standing ovation, the choice was quickly
did for jazz and blues, I did not like the sound of the other two, too ...
how to say "too clean, too well of themselves."
Now I do not know if I would do the purchase, it is great, but there is progress in and then the battery manufacturers to change ..... but I do not ask, I keep it as it can.

Exceptional (Ibanez - AE255BT)

By Ben Sherman, 03/12/2018
I was after a baritone acoustic guitar that I could strum and play like a standard acoustic, and allow me to sing in lower keys while playing songs with my normal chord patterns/progressions.

I demo'd this Ibanez AE255BT against the better-known and highly-regarded Alvarez ABT60, which is the only other baritone I could find with a similar list-price and spec.

I spent an hour A/B'ing the two guitars, and they were surprisingly very different beasts. The Alvarez is much louder (presumably due to its jumbo body) compared to the Ibanez, which has a grand auditorium style body. The Alvarez also had more sustain, a scooped frequency range (pronounced bass and treble) and powerful (almost unwieldy) overtones. The Ibanez had a far more controlled tone, with strong fundamentals and a pronounced mid-range. For a normally-pitched acoustic, I'd usually prefer the tonal qualities of the Alvarez, but - for a baritone - I felt it sounded a mess when strumming open chords. The Ibanez, however, retains clarity in the lower registers and can be played open, just like a standard acoustic. The fundamental tone is more suitable for this type of guitar.

I found the intonation of the Ibanez to be better than that of the Alvarez. The Ibanez stays perfectly in-tune up and down the whole fretboard, whereas the Alvarez struggles to keep intonation up the frets. This is a real testament to the build quality of the Ibanez. The Ibanez is also more comfortable to hold and play, with its slimmer body shape and slimmer neck

For fingerstyle, both guitars sounded great. The Alvarez has a zingy tone, and you can really hear the metallic sound of the strings. The Ibanez, although quieter, has a beautiful deep tone; the low B-string sounds similar to a bass guitar, and the overall tone is very piano-like.

Overall, I felt the Ibanez was the superior baritone acoustic guitar - and I chose this over the Alvarez.

The Ibanez AE255BT is a very attractive instrument. The quality of the woods is great (solid Sitka spruce top and beautiful layered ovangkol back/sides - which looks very similar to Indian Rosewood). Appointments, such as the wood binding and vine fretboard inlay, surpass the expectations implied by the list price. Overall the fit and finish is impeccable; easily on par with acoustics far above its price-point.

If you're looking for a baritone that plays and feels just like a standard acoustic guitar, I highly recommend the Ibanez AE255BT. It has a low, controlled and rich tone, great playability and offers exceptional value.