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User reviews on Ibanez AEF products

cachou4648's review (Ibanez - AEF18)

By cachou4648, 06/12/2007
Model No. FEA 18 EBK 1202
Format AEF Country Jumbo Cutaway
Lutherie laminate (spruce top / Mahogany body), active preamp with tuner.
AEF Series
. Country-Style Jumbo acoustic electric cutaway
. Laminated spruce top / laminated mahogany back and sides
. Mahogany / Rosewood 21 boxes
. Piezo pickup B-Band ® UST ™ Preamp Ibanez SRTn + (Volume - Notch Freq - Bass - Mid - Hi - Tuner)
. 6.35 + XLR output jack
. Decorum: net cash edge - rose 'Fire Pattern'
. Mechanical oil bath Ibanez Smooth Tuner AS
. Chrome hardware
. Ibanez frets in Ivorex II
. Color: Brilliant Black (High Gloss)


The handle is everything I love: long and not too rounded. For access to acute, I do not think you can do mieux.La credit union is not too thick ... when ... the sound of the Ibanez is pure juice! Hot and accurate in the bass, sparkling in the high ... I love it!
Also the strings are very close to the frets which does not require the muscle to hold the bars. You only have to touch the harmonies and we understand at once that she loves hugs ...


I like blues and bossa and it makes me good. I gave him a trendy T20 troubadour of the same mark on the buttocks and it's just happiness! I finally enough for me ... the reverb, I leave aside for the pure acoustic is a treat!


Not being the first youth, I have tried before choosing; Takamine: too expensive for the equivalent Ovation: too much metal., Fender: hard to play, Yamaha saddle too narrow for my fat fingers ,
So I just buy it for 300 euros a few days ago and my wife starts to give me scenes ..... she is right to be jealous, I felt like before my first guitar.

Psychedelic_Max's review (Ibanez - AEF18)

By Psychedelic_Max, 31/03/2004
Systmes FISHMAN trs itilisation with a simple shape ...


Channel trs enjoyable ...
Easy to Accs last few squares (Cut-Away)
The back of the guitar is arch (like a bomb Vilon giving it a sound very specially ...


Trs versatile guitar ...
May be those which dceuvras prfre a sound rather trs acute ...


I use it for 2 years and I'm crazy! BB is my my my TRSOR GOLD MINE!!
Look fabulous (see photo It's a bomb ... Rve really ... You would see me buying Journe ...: P

Ibanez AEJ70 (Ibanez - AEJ70)

By MGR/Anonymous, 26/06/2001
I purchased this guitar from the Musician's Friend catalogue. I paid $319US for this guitar.

I liked the fact that this guitar is a single pickup (humbucker), hollow body guitar - great for playing jazz ballads.

I was not impressed by the workmanship - cheap plywood/veneer box. Also the pickup was hanging by the wiring down in the guitar body when I unpacked the guitar. It may have come off in shipping, but should have been more firmly mounted. Fortunately I was able to replace it properly as the mounting hardware had not been lost. Lowering the action is a major problem - it is very high as received from MF. The only way to accomplish this adjustment is to remove the bridge and file the bottom down about 1/8 - 1/4 inch. The neck set seemed to be okay and the neck did not appear to be warped. This is just a poor design.

Cheap construction, built to meet a price point - the only single pickup, hollow body guitar in this price range from a major manufacturer.

While I will keep this instrument to play on jazz gigs I am very disappointed in the poor design and cheap construction of this Ibanez guitar.

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Do not buy (Ibanez - AEF37E)

By chipster44, 12/01/2013
Chinese manufacture, beautiful appearance overall, 24 frets, action WAY too high of origin.


Apart from this action very high (too) good access to acute preamp quality correct tuner capricious and random enough in the end.


ultimately disappointing sound, are quite hollow departure has never improved over time. difficult to properly adjust the equalizer.
Only studio release saves this mixed picture


A very nice aspect to the first draft, but beware this is an instrument that aged very badly! After 2 years, the varnish off the head for no reason and the only answer importer .... 1 line email saying by texting "is not used as collateral" .... In summary IBANEZ before buying, ask clearly and DO WRITE PRECISELY the warranty.

ALsolution FINAL??? Finally adopted by my guitar store to buy a LAG T200DCE and believe me there is no picture for all the tables. And more as it is a French manufacturer, if I have a problem, I know where to write ....

A word to the wise.