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Ibanez AEL

Ibanez AEL40SE

User reviews on Ibanez AEL products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Ibanez - AEL40SE)

By Audiofanzine FR, 04/11/2008
(Originally written by Egli/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Chinese guitar with 20 frets, tuner (very convenient) and battery-operated SRT preamp, Ibanez pickup by B band Squeal repeal, and Smooth Tuner AS gold machine heads.
Ivorex II nut, neck and bridge, Advantage bridge pins.
Flamed sycamore back and sides, massive spruce top.
Volume and tone controls plus bass, mid and high.
Set neck with wood inlays, mahogany fingerboard, very nice abalone rosette.
The guitar has a wonderful finish.


Comfortable neck and It'll surely get better with time (I've only had the guitar for one and a half months).
The cutaway allows an easy access to the upper frets.

The guitar is huge so it might be somewhat uncomfortable for short people (but not for me, I'm very tall).
Standard weight for an acoustic.
Great sound! Really good.
The state-of-the-art Ibanez production center offers excellent-quality instruments for an almost unbeatable price.
Good sound!


I play it mainly unplugged for accompaniment and it sounds great.
I purchased an acoustic Ibanez Troubadour 35 combo amp.
Right now I don't use it that often because I play in a small room at home.
Excellent high-end and good sustain, I'm very satisfied... I also tried a low-price, nice-sounding Olympia but I don't really need anything else...
It stays in tune.


Best of all are its looks! Really nice... The jumbo size is sometimes bothersome when I sit on a small stool (I know, you'll say "sit somewhere else" and you are probably right!). I tried an AEL 20 too (very good), an Olympia OD 10 SCE (excellent) and several Fender models (not my taste).

Quite unbeatable value for money for a superb guitar with an awesome sound.
I would buy it again for the same price.
Ibanez hollowbodies are also interesting because they have a good manufacturing quality as well (Art core Series).

Ibanez AEL20DTBS (Ibanez - AEL20E)

By MGR/Brad Wicks, 05/11/2002
I ordered this guitar from since the store didn't have any in stock. I payed around 400 dollars for this beauty. I had initially planned to buy a 4-string Ibanez Acoustic bass in black finish, but was conviced otherwise since I could do more with a guitar. A wise choice indeed.

Where to start, where to start... This guitar is the most beautiful peice of work I have ever held, when it comes to guitars. The Transparent Blue Suburst high gloss finish is a sight to behold. Very, very beautiful... Sexy, even. The whole package is great. The pick up is awesome, the EQ is very nice and gives you many options, and the woods are very warm and soft in feel. Again, this is a very beautiful guitar, everything about it is nice. The sound is awesome, it's very warm and clear. this guitar, overall, is top-of-the-line, if you ask me.

The only problem I had with this guitar, was that the finish chips easily. But then again, that's what it's like with all high gloss finished guitars, so it really isn't a problem unless you're clumbsy and drop your guitar a lot. The battery buzzes inside when you finger pick hard, but that can easily be fixed with a new battery. (I never replaced the factory battery :| )This guitar is a work of art, and there is virtually nothing wrong with it.

The construction and quality of this guitar is superb. I have no complaints, and can only say that this guitar is a work of art.

If you're serious in playing the guitar, buy this. If you're not serious, buy this. As expensive as it may be for an acoustic guitar, it is worth it.

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Ibanez AEL10 (Ibanez - AEL10E)

By MGR/Jim D, 17/04/2003
First of all, I bought this guitar from American Musical Supplies over the Internet. I was looking for an acousticelectric but thought that the prices were too high. I'm a left handed guitar player so my options are pretty slim. I've always had good luck with Ibanez products in the past and found this guitar and decided to purchase it. I paid $309.00 for the guitar and then waited for it to arrive.

When the guitar arrived, I pulled it out of the case and tuned it up and started playing. The action was incredible...the best I've ever seen on an acoustic. As I continued to play, I realized that I was doing bar chords up high and getting away with it. No buzz. I started picking out some tunes and could not put it down. Great finish, great sound, great action. Then I plugged in the amp. The sound was great. I wasn't disappointed. The lows and highs really came out. This is a great buy.

The only thing that I don't like is that I could it only came in black for me. Not a big deal. It is worth the money and the finish is beautiful.

The quality is great. I can't believe that this guitar is so cheap.

Great buy. If they sold it in different colors for left-handed players, I would purchase more of them.

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Jonathan74's review (Ibanez - AEL40SE)

By Jonathan74, 06/03/2006
Hello everyone, I possde this guitar for a year and I am still very satisfied.
It is manufactured in China are o report quality unbeatable price !!!
The handle consists of 20 freight, it is very good quality the guitars never dsacorde.
The SSR is a prampli AEQ rglage with volume, bass, mid, treble, shape (change the brightness and roundness) and a very practical phase reverse button when feedback. However, no built-in tuner.
This electro-acoustic is remarkable for its aesthetic (mother of pearl rosette table very clear cedar, sycamore ZBR back and finish quality. It possde lot of fat Dynamic his crate jumbo. Are price drops incomprehensible thing ... you will never regret it ...


The handle is very pleasant.
The easy access to acute (sudden pan)
Ergonomics for me but watch a crate jumbo little tired right arm.
Obtained very easily a good sound, I abaiss the bridge compared to the original rglage is the top.


It is very versatile


I try many models before acqurir. I would do is choosing without eSite !!!