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User reviews on Ibanez AK products

Great jazzbox for the price. (Ibanez - AK80)

By heads on fire, 11/12/2011
Neck Material: 3pc Mahogany/ Maple
Neck Type: Artcore AK set-in
Body: Spruce top, Flamed Maple back/sides
Frets: Large frets
Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood
Inlay: Pearl dot inlay
Bridge: Rosewood bridge
NeckPU: ACH1
BridgePU: ACH2
HW Color: CH
Finishes: BS

Full-hollow construction
3-piece Mahogany/Maple neck
AK95 features gold hardware
Spruce Top/Flamed Maple back and sides
Large Frets
ART-W wooden bridge Depth:
70mm at tail


Scale/Length 628mm/24.75"
a: Width at Nut 43mm
b: Width Last Fret 56.5mm
c: Thickness 1st Fret 20mm
d: Thickness 12th Fret 26.5mm
Radius 305mm
Bridge Pickup
Name: ACH2
Model No: ACH2
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Ceramic
Description: Bridge version of ACH1.

Neck Pickup
Name: ACH1
Model No: ACH1
Construction: Humbucking
Magnet: Ceramic
Description: Clean sounding with a slight overdrive.


The AK80 is a nice, low-cost entry into full-hollowbody jazzboxes. It has a very pleasant feel to it, nice balance, and can be set up to be a very playable instrument. With a good, professional-grade setup, this is a joy to play! The build quality is good - the fretwork and hardware are a lot better than the price would indicate. Also, the sunburst finish is quite beautiful up close. Ibanez has put a lot of though into the details of a low-cost instrument, and that is a good sign to me.


I was utterly blown away by this guitar's sound. Acoustically, the tone projects, with a nice attack and light airiness reminiscent of a gypsy jazz guitar. Plugged in, this guitar can get as smoky jazz or brightly rockabilly as desired. The pickups impart a wonderful warmth to the tone, yet it still retains a crystal clarity. For any genre that would do well with a fully hollow guitar, this is a perfect choice, sonically.


This is just a great guitar all the way around. For sitting in with a small combo, hitting the stage with a big band, or just sitting in the corner of a restaurant playing solo jazz pieces, this instrument will do it in stride, and not hurt your wallet while doing so. It's dripping with character, looks great, and feels very nice in your hands. It might even make you play better! Recommended.

Ibanez AK-85 DVS (Ibanez - AK85)

By MGR/Anonymous, 23/01/2005
Bought it from Music123, at a total cost of $517 with hardcase and shipping.(Customs not included.)

The quality feeling, and tone of this guitar is probably not matched by many others in its price category.Very easy to play, and set up with relatively low string action. Finish is spotless. Very nice crafted neck inlays.Very stable tuning, even in long sessions. And last but not least, Nice tone! You can tweak a real smooth Pat Metheny like tone, or you can set it up for some growl to play the blues or some fusion. Works very nice for either. I bought it with the AF-100 hardshell case and the case is nice to. The guitar fits snuggly and securely in a lovely fluffy fabric. Enough space for lots of extra strings, a tuner and a few tools.

Some minor drawbacks: Its factory strung with .009 strings,so you might have to adjust the neck if you prefer heavier gauges. On my model there is a very small gap between the headstock binding and the string saddle on each side. The plastic toggle switch knob is not sufficently tightened. A tiny screw on the pickguard has been screwed in a little bit to one side, resulting in a barely noticeable flaw.

The guitar seems to be very well built apart from the aforementioned flaws. Nice craftmanship for the money! The intonation is near perfect. No buzzing in any frets.

This is a keeper. I am never getting rid of this one! Might change the pickups in the future, but they work very well for now.

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Nikita K.'s review (Ibanez - AK95)

By Nikita K., 30/08/2013
The characteristics are:

- Neck: Artcore 3 parts glued mahogany / maple
- Top: Flamed Sycamore
- Back & Sides: Flamed Sycamore
- Frets: medium
- Bridge: ART-1
- Cordier VT100DX
- Neck Pickup: ACH1 (H)
- Bridge pickup: ACH2 (H)
- Body Depth: 70 mm
- Color: Dark Violin Sunburst
- 2 knobs micro
- Gold hardware


The handle is very comfortable. With access to acute facilitated by the cutaway.
The guitar is not very heavy which is great on stage (the back says thank you to him) and sitting position, its shape is perfect because it does not slip!

on the other hand it is imperative to change the mechanical as have real disaster! The G string (an unusual) to tune the slightest bend too strong!!

Attention also is a floating so if you remove the strings, the bridge is welcome in the bar and setting the world! Easel! Galley for those who know nothing of the blow that makes a guitar in addition to tune will ring true!
Put a small pencil stroke allows a mark!


At the sound, I was plugged into a fender deluxe, suddenly in the neck position is intermediate was a great sound super hot, for against the pickup gave sound a little too loud!
It is really suitable for jazz, blues and a tad rock.


The price / quality is excellent although it should change the mechanical!
I think I could make the election in any case I have no regret to have owned since she was perfect at that time of my life!

just beautiful (Ibanez - AK95)

By manu75006, 24/07/2012
dj said.

Its strong point: it is beautiful (shape, color ...)


Yes voil share his good looks, how it sounds? Essay a good half hour in the store, I did not liked but then not at all !! The handle is not pleasant, we feel the vibrations, the microphones are stiff, short not packed.


like what the look is not all ...


really not my thing.