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User reviews on Ibanez ARC products

Alive2000's review (Ibanez - ARC100)

By Alive2000, 26/01/2009
I have owned this guitar for over a year, and it became my primary go-to guitar quickly after it's purchase. I've been a big fan of Ibanez's guitars, but have always liked the Les Paul body type, with its shorter scale length of 24.75". The problem being that Ibanez is most widely known for the shredders that endorse their signature guiars (the Vais, Satrianis and Gilberts of the world) makes it less than easy to find a proper substitute for a Gibson.

Made by Ibanez's Korean factory this comes really close to being a Les Paul for those on too much of a budget to get the faded finish series guitars. It's 22 fret, set neck is perfect for those Kiss style riffs, and the block inlays really look great.

The bridge is a Wilkinson III that has fine tuning knobs, and allows for incredibly fast string changes. The three knobs are (from top to bottom) volume, neck tone and bridge tone, with the pickup selector right there for easy access.


The neck plays very smoothly, and provides easy access to the last frets.

The design of the guitar is very light, being made of mahogany. It's much easier on the shoulder than a Standard LEs Paul, and most certainly more so than a Les Paul Custom. The edges also allow for a bit more comfortability on the wrist, with a nice contour for the arm to rest while doing whatever kind of strumming you find yourself doing.

I've never had any amount of trouble getting a good sound from this guitar, and that's even with stock pickups. The pickups allow for plenty of variation and modification in tone, and have always left me satisfied.


The hotter bridge pickup is good for harsher distorted sounds suitable for punk rock or any sort of hard and heavy rock, which is good. However, for a softer, more mellow tone, the neck pickup is fantastic. It's a dream for bluesy rock sounds and jazz stylings.

I run this guitar through a Line 6 Spider 2x10 combo amp, and couldn't be happier, even with the older amp. I use a Bad Horsie Wah pedal for most extended solos if I find they need a bit of variation to them, and the result is usually positive.

I usually like getting a dirtier clean tone with the twang setting of my Line 6 with the bridge pickup, which is perfect for Minutemen style songs, where as the neck pickup is good with just about any setting. No lie.

Favorite sounds of mine are the neck pickup with the wah pedal and the twang tone setting on the Line 6.


I've had this guitar since December of 2007, and I've loved it since I first laid eyes on it. It's been my main guitar ever since, usurping my Ibanez IC-300, and my solid body acoustic Fernandes. The thing I like most about the guitar is it's versatility. It is amazing, and I've never had a complaint about the playability.

My least favorite, however would be the color of the guitar itself. i bought this used, and did not have much of a choice, but I wouldn't have been in the market for another black guitar anyway. I may do a repaint on this once I have the money to do so.

I have a habit of trying any guitar in my price range (or lack thereof), so I tried a lot of guitars before settling for this one. I have to say it's a great guitar and has fantastic value to it, and I would undoubtedly make the same choice down the road if anything hapened to it. i may go for a higher end model, even.

the bluesman's review (Ibanez - ARC500)

By the bluesman, 30/05/2007
Already said
A handle C super pleasant to spend hours playing chords ... refrain Shredders
She is really beautiful, the finishes are really as good as my fender american deluxe, Ibanez has really great job here.


So it's already a guitar for blues and jazz, as is saying right now ...
A big run, two doubles boboinages very warm, round and fat ...
It is a bit heavy, I can tell you that I prefer to play sitting lol
The access is quite easy to acute
9 for the weight


The level of sound is round, it's perfect for a hot or a good blues bossa families.
I play with a Hot Rod Deluxe, which adds to the beauty of the clear sounds of the guitar's grain ...
In disto is very good with a TS9 sound we get really fatty BB King


If I remake it again this choice again as the value for money is very good

quentin_40's review (Ibanez - ARC100)

By quentin_40, 09/05/2007
Body and mahogany neck
Maple table
Set neck
Micro Humbucker ACH1 and ACH2
Three knob: 1 volume, 2 tone, 3-position micro selcteur
Medium Cargo
Quick Change Ultra system to bridge with a refined tuning as the floyd


The neck is super nice and we battle not with the volume if you want to mute the (practice). Access to acute is the same a few details on a Gibson Les Paul. It is lighter than a Gibson Les Paul but still has a heavy weight (weight ca mahogany).


I play everything from vintage, punk, metal, blues, etc. .... This scratch is very good for all the stuff, not to mention that unlike other ibanez has a versatile but its not very typical Les Paul. I played on a Vox AC 60s and gives much. It's a very fat as a Les Paul Gibson. The microphone of the handle is hot, the bridge that sounds really great too.


I tried it once with my seller! It's thunder! For that price, a guitar that sounds really quite as well as a Les Paul is a bargain! 340 euros and you have a great Les Paul.

PS: anecdote: the vendor of which I speak has received a guy with Gibson Les Paul Standard, he has closed his eyes and played two guitars. The guy has not been able to find his own scratch !!!!!!!!

millezotla's review (Ibanez - ARC500)

By millezotla, 25/02/2007
Pickups Humbucker Super 58 Custom-B (bridge) + Super 58 Custom-N (neck) -
chrome hardware - mahogany body and flamed maple table - mahogany set neck ARC - rosewood fingerboard 22 medium frets boxes - Gibraltar III bridge and tailpiece Quick Change Ultra
The handle is an extra comfort. The violin is beautiful, well finished, neat, the knobs, the plate of the head, mechanical, benchmarks, the table, the back of the body, the back plate, the bridge etc ... Everything is beautiful! Without trying it, just go to admire from every angle, you'll love (an irresistible urge to try it you will invade)


The comfort of the handle is a delight! Access to treble is very good. It is very light.


So here it sounds. You try it first without the plug, it is a powerful sacred sustain.
Then you plug the amp, and the magic happens. Clean sounds, crunch, saturation, everything is good!
we must try.


At this price, do not hesitate! Perfect quality as that violin sound.
I try to find a flaw, but I can not find one. I think the other brands have to worry about. I think it largely dethroned some models to 2000 euros (This is only my opinion, for you to make you notice)