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Ibanez Artcore

Ibanez AS93 [2013-2017]

Series Ibanez

User reviews on Ibanez Artcore products

Ibanez AS-73 (Ibanez - AS73)

By MGR/Anonymous, 11/06/2003
I bought this bad boy from my local Axe music in edmonton,AB canada.I think i bought it like 3 weeks ago. I got this guitar because it has this really kick ass see through red finish thats unbelievable as well as great tone AND feel. I paid $400
canadian so i think its 299.99 american.

it has great pickups. I think their ibanez but that dont matter cause they rock!. they have the warmest sound on clean and create this crazy distortion when used with a pedal or amp on dirty. I just love the red finish dude! I play in a punk/screamo band and this thing is perfect for this shiat! And yet its a hollowbody!!!!!!

The only thing i dont like about this guitar are its lousy tuners. they knock out of tune moderately often, especially after you put it back in the hardcase or gig bag.Other then that its a fuckin great guitar dude.

One thing to say about the set neck..............ROCK HARD! this thing has withstand me fuckin droppin it! (by accident) and me sittin on it!...o.k. maybe i went to far with that but its fuckin great.

save up. buy it. you wont regret it. but it...NOW!

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Ibanez AS 73 (Ibanez - AS73)

By MGR/CRT, 05/02/2004
Purchased from Alto Music in Middletown, NY. Paid $269 w/o case

Very good sound, great looks, excellent craftsmanship. Played nicely right out of the box. Sound was enhanced substantially by changing strings to D'A 11"s. I had been searching for a semi-hollow blues/jazz box for quite some time. All that I liked were a bit too pricey. Finally decided on the Gibson 335 until a friend told me to try our the Ibanez. I was very pleasantly surprised by the sound, the feel and its looks. I could not justify the substantial additional cost of the 335. Purchased the Ibanez along with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and still saved a whole lot of money.

I have no complaints or secnd thoughts about buying my AS73. Its a great deal.

The AS73 is extremely well constructed. The level of attention to detail is excellent. It feels great to hold and wonderful to play. The finish is flawless, the binding is better executed then what I have seen on considerably higher priced instruments. The electronics are certainly adequate and allow the tonality I was looking for, sweet, warm blues tones and deeper jazz tones.

Ibanez has changed my outlook on buying a "name". I must admit that I would not even look at a production type guitar unless it said Gibson or Fender on the headstock. I tip my hat to Ibanez for producing a high quality, affordable instrument for the hobbyist and one that even a professional might not mind adding to his toolbox. Ibanez alters the old adage of "you get what you pay for". I feel I got a heck of a lot more then what I paid for. What a welcomed change that is!

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Love it... (Ibanez - AS73)

By MGR/Straydogger, 06/09/2014
Korean made...Two Volume and Two Tone knobs...3 position pickup selector...Two humbucker pickups..


Very easy to play once it is set up correctly.


I use a Marshall DSL40c and a Carvin Belair to play through and it's great through both amps. I have various pedals but don't use them much.


The pickups are the only negative about this guitar that I have noticed. I changed mine to Gibson 57 Classic in the neck position and 57 Classic plus in the bridge.....that Made a HUGE difference in the sound and now it really sounds great. I wanted a Gibson 335 but not at the prices they go for these days. I bought the Ibanez with the idea it would be my "poor man's" 335. Well, now I don't even think about the Gibson! This guitar is all I could ever want in a semi-hollow body.

Ibanez AF71F Modified. (Ibanez - AF71F)

By superloco, 24/10/2017
Ho comprato questa chitarra dalla tastiera morbidissima e dall'estetica piacevole con qualche dubbio sulla qualità del pick up che trovavo un po' troppo brillante. Ho quindi operato le seguenti modifiche.
Sostituito pick up con pickup Kent Armstrong Jazz che trovo molto più caldo. In seguito ho cambiato anche il ponte con un ebony Bridge.
In questo video uso un amplificatore HB acpro 60 e nessun effetto.
Sono molto soddisfatto dello strumento.