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Ibanez Artist

Ibanez AR300 Reissue

User reviews on Ibanez Artist products

clemrock 2's review (Ibanez - AR300)

By clemrock 2, 12/10/2005
Guitar made in Japan in 1981 with beautiful sunburst!
22 frets.équipée has two humbucker pickups.
4 knobs: one for the volume of micro acute
1 for the volume of micro serious
1 for the tone in acute
For a serious tone in
A 3-position pickup selector (low, high, medium) extremely simple!
The neck is glued to the body of the guitar


The neck is thick indeed, like Les Paul 60's but offers playability rare ... very nice!
Access to acute realtivement is easy, but it is not necessarily a guitar that is intended to shreddeurs ...
The shape of the violin can be mounted easily to aigus.En terms of weight, it is heavy, like a good old Les Paul, but it is not excessive.
This gives excellent sound very quickly, without having to fiddle with the buttons.


I use it instead for rock in general, but it excels at blues and jazz!
I use a Fender Twin Reverb 74, for a fat sound (rather stratum for the finest sound ...)
The sound is very warm, very round, powerful, with good attack her slammin clair.Les are very sharp, and easily mounted in a crunch by attacking peu.En saturated sound is a joy, c ' is very hot and flowing with nothing but a tube screamer it sends a lot already: double humbucker oblige!
It far surpasses some good Gibson Les Paul without problems in sonorités.Cette guitar is worthy of the best Gibson (but this is a very personal opinion.)


Here two and a half years that I have, and nothing in the world to make me part with it (except in cases of force majeure ...)
I like the sunburst shape, its sound rich, warm, round and soft, powerful ... even if you want!
It is also my first electric guitar, bought an old friend limit collector at a friendly price ... so it quickly saw value for money in my concernant.Sinon it is rarely from this year I think there, but if you have the opportunity to try it or buy it, do not hesitate!
Since I stratum, I use less but still has a prominent place, it would be a crime not to enjoy ...
I would do this choice with his eyes closed, it's a guitar that is kept throughout his life!

Very endearing ... (Ibanez - AR105)

By Yobxx, 05/11/2011
Guitar made in Japan in the early 80 (between 1982 and 1983?). Mine is from 1983. Les Paul type guitar DC.
Mahogany body topped with a mahogany burl table (which distinguishes this model AR100AV).
The neck, 22 frets, maple is (3 folds). Rosewood.

Scale 24 3 / 4''(short scale Gibson type).

The configuration of the electronic classic: two humbuckers, 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-position selector.

The pickups are Super 58, Alnico III (which also distinguishes this model from AR100AV). Microphones found on a lot of Ibanez models "vintage" jazz or blues-rock (Series AS, AM, AR particular - which a lot of high-end models). The grain is rather Gibsonian but with a more dynamic "appeased." The overall sound is warm and velvety, with good definition. In the bridge position, it may miss a few potatoes, but it is not without bite: no problem to hook a good crunch and a good distortion. But some may find it a little wiser ...

The icing on the cake: the pickups are and split (push-push on the two tones), which enriches the sonic palette of this guitar accents by allowing lighter than the configuration of two humbuckers (without however reaching the dynamic characteristics of real microphones single coils).

The violin is very correct and the table is beautiful.

So on the characteristics, a score of 8 (Very good).


The handle is very nice, rather late but still present in the hand. the game is pretty easy, both in agreement that note by note.

The guitar is pretty heavy, like a Les Paul which it is based by design (body and mahogany neck).

Access to acute is easy: the heel of the neck is well shaped and large size (due to the thickness of the body) does not affect the ease of play in the treble.

The only fault I find with this guitar is its balance: standing, she leans on the side of the head. You get used to after a few minutes of play but it makes the game more tiring over time. Too bad.

The rest is so successful that I still put a score of 7 (Good).


The sound is nickel: warm with a good definition. This guitar is very comfortable to provide sound jazz, blues, rock, hard rock, ... As a Les Paul, it can accommodate many styles of games and music. The sound clearly remember the dune Les Paul, in a little more light, but it is not a erzatz: the grain is different. The Super 58 pickups are for something: I also have an Ibanez AM50 (a kind of mini semi-hollow version of the AR series - very successful this way), itself equipped with the Super 58 pickups and have a true personality .

Splitted the microphones deliver beautiful sound and are more flattering on rhythmic funk by examples. Can be found that it lacks a bit of momentum, compared to real simple.

However, the possibility to split each of the microphones independently can really fine-tune the sound, thicken or make it lighter.

A highlight of this guitar is its sustain. It is heavy but it will be fully satisfied when we see how she holds the note! Capable of delivering beautiful harmonics or to go to feedback.

The electronics seem Quality: The knobs are relatively effective in all of their race, the push-push function properly (despite the age of the instrument).

Plugged into a Carvin Nomad combo all-tube, or a prémp Mesa Boogie V-Twin, or a preamp SS11 AMT is a treat, both in clear, that crunch or saturated!


I use this guitar for almost a year.

As such, I tried the Gibson Les Paul and I have owned a Hagstrom Super Swede. The Ibanez is distinguished by a grain of its own.

I use rock, blues-rock, groove, jazz, and in these records the Ibanez AR105 satisfies me.

This is a beautiful instrument, fun to play and which delivers beautiful sound.

I bought it because I have a weakness for Japanese guitars from the late 70's early 80's and once again I was not disappointed: a vintage quality instrument at an affordable price.

Excellence, versatility and beautiful finish (Ibanez - AR325)

By Makos, 06/05/2014
Artist Series ... 1 original design electric guitar brand.

Mahogany body
Bubinga table
3 piece maple set neck, rosewood fingerboard
Super 58 Custom humbucker
Selector "3 sounds" - Last in series or parallel or split humbuckers
3-position selector
2 volumes - 2 tones
Mechanical oil bath
Gold hardware (bridge Quick-Change)

Excellent finish, as usual Ibanez for this AR325 made in China. No criticism to make, beautiful work.


It looks a bit like an SG, more class, more delicate in drawing curves. Enough light, it plays very easily standing or sitting.
The handle is nice, not too thin like some Ibanez or too thick like some Gibson (50). The cutaway provides access to recent cases without any concern, the heel of the neck of a reasonable thickness allows to keep a good grip.
The frets properly installed in rosewood are medium size, polishing factory is good. Mechanical make their office properly.
Access to the pots is standard for this kind of guitar, without worry. Both switches "3 sounds" positioned in front of the buttons are accessible and easy to maneuver quickly.


This is why and how the acquisition of this Ibanez ... except her pretty little mouth ;-) . Knowing the microphones that are installed, I thought that the opportunity provided by this model can be put in series, parallel, or to split the humbuckers bring a maximum of sound colors, versatility ... bingo!
I do not décrierai here all the subtleties that can produce different combinations of pickups. From a delicate sound, very "strat" ​​in its very powerful "Gibs" this Ibanez distills notes and chords with gusto.
For ceusses who speak it, I will attempt a comparison with Lucille and varitone, it looks like.
The consequence of this is that AR holds the road well in all styles.


Much fun to watch than play; offering excellent sound palette, this guitar deserves some attention. In addition, its affordable price makes it accessible.
The expertise of Ibanez is there, totally.
I will try a small parallel with the best electric guitars in the world (in my opinion ... eh, biensur ;-) , I named the stratosphere. Ibanez, late 60s, began marketing its first electric guitars. Do not miss! Therefore design this series AR. Without repeating the very well known and effective stratocaster design, they create a guitar with very similar benefits. Comfort, balance, weight, access to the bottom of the handle and does not stop there, with humbuckers accompanied by the "3-sounds" they bring maximum versatility ... A Japanese Strat without vibrato, in fact. Advice that is only my opinion ...
More recommendable guitar.

Miles's review (Ibanez - AR250)

By Miles, 02/12/2002
Manufactures in Japan

2 super 58 pickups


Easy guitar playing


Ideal for playing blues, jazz, fusion


The +: super micro

Guitar lightweight .Manche very pleasant

News Ibanez Artist

New Ibanez Artist Models

Published on 11/06/12
Ibanez has brought back their AR series with two new models: the AR420 and AR325.