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User reviews on Ibanez AS products

Delmaphisab's review (Ibanez - AS93 [2007-2012])

By Delmaphisab, 14/12/2007
IA is a semi-pro guitar Holow Body type two Oues in "f" in the spirit of her older sister prestigious AS200. The MODEL is made in China according to a strict specifications provided by Ibanez Japan.
Its handle possde 22 boxes with semi-jumbo frets, good compromise between precision and ease of play notes.
The bridge is like Art (Gibson LP style) and offers the rglages ncessaires holding a fair.
Slecteur a micro three-position, 2 volumes + 2 tones.
The two microphones are ACH1 and ACH2 own brand and Submitted on almost all entry-Ibanez.
The handle is typically Jazz, almost flat and well suited to chord voicing and chorus "Scofieldien". A real rgal like all Ibanez sleeves.


The game is rel comfort, even if the string height over the key is excessive from the factory. The rglage ais is therefore not to ngliger ...
CHAC is consistent with the sharp guitar of this type, so correct but trs ill-suited to amateurs of pure speed.
The balance gnral is frankly good, whether sitting or standing, no problem as long as this level of the weight of the BTE is widely extended knowledge supportable.Les rptition to have no impact on vertbres ... and the violin is frankly a superior quality of its competitors
No problem to find a sound suitable. His areas of prdilection remain the Jazz-rock, blues and rock. Style "hairy" the TDCA does him absolutely no fear either but the "metal" is not his field ...
The overdrive sound typs are sublime on the mic is really serious a nice surprise on a guitar of this price. The microphone is clearly acute back and it will be necessary to avoid to "play" alone! However, it amne just enough clarity to the neck pickup to consider the solos that look good in a mix.


I have long hsit between Epiphone ES335 and the MODEL home Ibanez. I possde several other guitars and it would fill my registry pop-rock-jazz. I am the branch of your choice in a Pod connected the mixer, a Roland Cube 60, or 60 watts prvu AER for acoustic instruments, and I must say I'm thrilled!
Scne on, I plugged into a Boss compressor (lightweight), a Disto Proco Rat 2 and a chorus as Hrode AriaPro2 old and I get all sounds DSIR. Of Metheny Scofield, to Benson, ACDC, Oasis, Blur Led Zep through all sorts of variants pop-rock, nothing seems to discard it!
The microphone gives serious changes and it is unfortunate that the bridge pickup is so dcevant. It is really too low-end for use on projects srieux. Lack of power and DEFINITIONS ...
The violin is to del any supper! Assembly and varnishes impeccable, round "three spices" reliable and conducive to long hours of practice. Back table and wicker covers Saddle Flamm beautiful!). Fittings dor enhancing appearance gnral dj trs flattering ...


MODEL I possde this since a year or so.
APRS PERIOD adaptation of a few days, I adopted the instrument engaging and srieux. I sought in rptition and without scne apprhension. No surprise with this guitar, it gives what it promises. Keeping excellent agree, somewhat "neutral" but never mdiocre, she asked be enriched by a pair of microphones pros, Gibson type 57 ', or Seymour Duncan SH1 rvler for its immense potential.
I play guitar for twenty years and ale had the opportunity to test her cousins ​​ES335, AS100 and AS200 IBZ. Play it in the same court in terms of prestige but it does not take much (micro) for gallery of the best CATEGORY.
The ratio quality price is simply excellent! 430 in Germany, I would do without this choice results from me, but I would climb more microphones IMMEDIATE adquate violin with this guitar for an additional cost of about 180.
The game is really worth the effort!
If your budget is less consquent, buy AS83 which is similar with a level of finish in the background, 73 or Ace less flattering (no chrome hardware round Saddle Flamm 1 pice, but poss ing the same ergonomics and the same microphone.

maxr974's review (Ibanez - AS50)

By maxr974, 17/01/2007
I have an IBANEZ ARTIST AS 50, 1982, purchased in 1982, Japanese-made. Despite his 25 years, it remains a superb scratch (so say those who saw it)
22 frets, super 59 pickups neck and bridge.
QUICK easel ... sorry I did not know too much. 1 volume knob and 1 tone knob for the microphone. I play jazz, bossa nova.
D handle fairly large but very comfortable, very easy to acute attacks: with a proper adjustment of the bridge is reached supersonic speeds.

I plan to replace the pickups with Gibson Classic 57 to sound for a little less acute. But I am afraid to do something stupid: so if an expert could give me his opinion? Thank you in advance


The handle a little off is very nice: the highs are easy to access. Given the build quality (violin and hardware) its weight is correct. Good ergonomics.
For good sound, to look for a bit.


For jazz, blues, bossa nova, it's great. This guitar is versatile, can play rock as well.
FENDER POWER CHORUS I use one and a Peavey Classic 30.


I am very pleased with this instrument. Excellent quality / price ratio at the time, today it has gained value.
You can play everything.
Without hesitation I would do this choice.

opa2134a's review (Ibanez - AS100)

By opa2134a, 26/05/2014
Japanese-made guitar from 1980 (we'll look at this model is the first of the series)
Mahogany end Type 60 frets velve touch, ebony fingerboard.
ST Bridge Bridge (ABR1 deviation)
Quick Change tailpiece.
2 Humbucker Super 70, 3-position selector, 2 volume, 2 tone.
Antique Violin Sunburst Finish
Birch body with through-beam (whole body)


The ease of play, the comfort of the body smaller and reasonable weight make this guitar a "player"
The frets Velve Touch are very well placed and comfortable, the ebony exquisite touch.
Level, I do not have the original pickups, but acoustically, we immediately feel more tight a Gibson bass, pronounced mids and treble present.
No aggression, just accuracy.
If you play soft, it sounds sweet, if we go inside, she responds well.
Pure Nickel strings with D'Addario November 48, it has a vintage grain well, with less thickness than Gibson, but less low stools, the whole is fairly balanced.


The pickups have been changed by the previous owner, they are noteworthy (no visible mark)
These pickups are creamy and soft, which adapts perfectly with fast and accurate acoustic guitar.
It is rather bright, but she really has a nice midrange presence and precise bass.
Rivera Venus 3 on my I have a pretty perfect sound, I have nothing to complain about.
The handle may seem late for some, but the key is large and comfortable.
She undergoes planif but well hard frets held shock and intonation is good.


I played in concert, she supported me in difficult times, the sound was the appointment.
I paid € 600 this guitar is a great quality for money, but I think it more dimension because it is rare (1980)
I think the super 70 are worse than the 58, but I have neither the one nor the other, just unbranded microphones (maybe the Maxon 90s) that sound!
The knobs are not as progressive as the CTS, but they are original and there is no crack, ditto for the selector, not a hum, no sign of weakness in the wiring.
So I highly recommend this guitar, but try as it is not a Gibson, it has its own personality, it is more accurate and bright, but never aggressive. We can blame some Gibson sounded too dark, this is not the case here.

pyexperience's review (Ibanez - AS80)

By pyexperience, 02/09/2008
/dropoff Window


Channel excellent, very flat.

She looks a little but when you play ca does not bother, it's very light.


You have to play strong enough to effect, that it makes bizare sometimes because of the sound of the drum.
Directly into an amp not especially guitar sound and very good.
Great for blues, folk, Rhythmic.


I prefer to gibson epiphone aria and the value for money is excellent it is the cheapest of all the one I've tried.

single black dot is the tendency to tune the mechanical is not the height on this model I have not yet tried the above models