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Ibanez AWD

Ibanez AWD102

User reviews on Ibanez AWD products

mlancel's review (Ibanez - AWD82T)

By mlancel, 16/04/2006
Made in China
23 frets mediums
2 Humbacker
Tremolo ACT 2 points of support
3-position switch, 1 volume, 1 tone
Channel al DGRAD black red towards the base and the head.

Trs good finish, the look really attractive: transparent red edged crme, fittings of good quality strings do not cross the body because it is hollow!

The hardware is mounted on a trmolo 2 points which is really made for a, the diffrence of those mountains on the guitars of the same price.

Gnrale stratocaster some form but with a Les Paul look finish (see photo)
It is truly versatile sound and look!


* The neck is fast, well finished, no grip, the edges are lisss
* CSTA dernire the cargo is quite accessible from the bottom
* Ergonimie good, lgre, normal for a semi-hollow body
* Trs sound clean blues or jazz
* DO, microphones give plutt fairly quiet though, as a SG, not bad for the ACDC for example. Ills do not tend to the feedback when they are pushed.

It has guitar in hand trs quickly, the effects are amplified by the fund, trs c'es enjoyable listen.


* Plutt versatile guitar:
jazz, blues and rock type ACDC
for the metal, it lacks the single-coil ....

sounds are round with a good natural rsonnance gives the cash
The guitar is thundering in OD, it sounds great for rock rhythm

I played on a Marshall VS65R prampli lamps, your exact is really correct


I've had little time, she complte a yamaha rgx121z seems wise ct her.
Even if it is slightly less than the yamaha prcise, it gives a lot of fun.

What a joy to live in the country in order to push the entire bottom and s'clater on good pop-rock!
I almost wanted to buy short pants and cap!

I do not really regret the purchase

A recommendation for the purchase price (about 400)

Lohstana's review (Ibanez - AWD102)

By Lohstana, 08/03/2008
* 1 11/16 "wide nut
Bound rosewood fingerboard *
Mortise & tenon neck * O
* 24 3 / 4 "scale length
* Adjustable truss rod
* "Custom" engraved on truss rod cover
* Custom Super 58 pickups
* Semi-hollow body building
for light weight but good feedback rejection
Fine tuners * Tailpiece is stud
* Arched top and flat back
* Body binding top and back
* Bound f-holes
* Gold plated hardware


Use ... perfect.
As soon as I got it in the fingers, I knew it was her ...
Sound, set, all ...

A jazz guitar I use to make rock, folk, a little while.
I do not have Start and with the micro acute enough for me (even if it is not the same, we do agree, but I found a very clean sound slamming, it's nice)


Sounds very pure, clear, warm and velvety (words that mean nothing, he must listen!)
This is not a jazz guitar is a hybrid between a Start and a half cash, there is the dry side mixed with the roundness of the body.

course useless to look for his big fat, it is not to his advantage with a big distortion, but for a little blues, a bit of saturation it fits like a glove.

The microphone does not give serious too low, it sounds good but the middle position I prefer, with an amp fender performer 1000 is a real delight. Just ask for two notes planner ...

Only weak point: a single tone control, can not adjust the tone of each micro ...


I use it for six months, it's my favorite guitar.
And I must admit that this is definitely the look that appeals to me most is a real gem, a work of art. The finish is excellent. Damn, what she's beautiful!
The trick to Ibanez to set the strings at the bridge is pure pleasure, it can be given without removing the finger of the left hand is a breeze (and what precision!)
And for the price, there's nothing to say ... I had a Fender Thinline was much less fair, less finished, and much more expensive ...

In short, a thunderbolt, I do not never part.

Cheerleaders, and strong! (Ibanez - AWD102)

By SlapKid, 30/04/2012
I have since 9months, found okaz of new, very lucky given the low diffusion of this model.
This is a guitar pro, unlike a lot of scratch mark that differ only by the added frills.
The neck is a 5 pieces, three large (wooden cross) and two strips of walnut very hard for even more stability. As on my rg7 actually.
The tuners are super accurate, and buttons perloid have a raison d'etre: the balance of the guitar, she would have bent metal side head ...
Fine tuners side easel to adjust on the fly, class.
Luxury wooden buttons, truss rod cover with logo carved wood, it is far from plastoc here.
22 frets, perfect access, incredibly comfortable neck profile, consistent width (although the place for agreements twisted) perfect nut.

The pickups are super58 (benson!), but no split not need either as they are good in all cases.
Master volume Master tone, very smooth and progressive.
In short're making me blush!


This guitar weighs only slab, we can play for days without tiring, the handle is so comfortable as well. Everything falls exactly where it is necessary, it's perfect ergonomics standard.
Only the wings are hollow, however, the guitar is the pickups in full, in fact no feedback to report.
The sound is immediate, with three positions you can play with it almost everything.

Against by the original wiring is poor, while the standard artcore I had (and af75d am73) it was perfect.
So I rewired with shielded.


Look no, these microphones are top! Definition, precision, grain, heat, or clean metal is just as good ...

I put them on a guitar that needed it, and installed microphones dirtiest and hot on the ibanez, with an option to split the neck pickup.
So it's even better for me, the violin transcends electronics. It sounds logical but here it is obvious.


So a guitar top, and who will not move with time and use.
I have not been able to determine if the frets are metal reinforced or almost indestructible, though.
I have changed that by kick mics, as is awd102 this is perfect.

Frankly I see not, for the asking price new was already given. How do they do?

One can imagine that the series is custom artcore any of the same ilk, if you are a musician more than collector drop the U.S. ...
It's up to you eh!