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Ibanez Destroyer

Ibanez XV500

User reviews on Ibanez Destroyer products

b-slayer's review (Ibanez - DT350)

By b-slayer, 26/02/2009
This guitar comes from Japan, and in 1984, its catalog IBANEZ dnomination is DT350PM (PM for Pearly Marine, a pearly white that returns a table covered with a Saddle ond painted translucent blue, wedding color but rather spcial trsrussi)
it has a handle 22 boxes, a pair of humbuckers IBANEZ V5
vibrato is an IBANEZ PRO ROCK'R, Pink Floyd style but heavier, still holding plutt good agreement despite the weight of years
for the electronics, we are still in familiar territory, namely a volume, one Tone slecteur a 3-position type GIBSON and that's it, and well enough
the handle is far enough IBANEZ current standards, ie, a profile more pais that "ultra thin" current production, has noted that the back of the neck is painted

possdant several PERIOD IBANEZ all together, the quality of manufacturing IBANEZ 80's is absolutely suprieure at all points in current productions, if you find one, regardless of the MODEL, N'H do not hesitate, it's heavy


The neck is super enjoyable, but Access in acute is somewhat limited because of the heel that comes fairly prominent gcher the fte was from the 17 am check
the form may seem surprising, but it is very well balance, both standing for the game, does not sting the head toward the ground, as the game sitting, or it fits perfectly on the leg m me as a stratum or a more traditional guitar shape, the weight is reasonable, substantially equivalent to that of a stratum
the sound is fairly typical of Ibanez, I would describe as "neutral", which for me is a quality so the output level is quite lev but without typing in the Seymour Duncan Invader or DiMarzio X2N not It is plutt clean, clear sound and even the password plutt what can seem thundering seen the style of this guitar


My musical style is prdilection mtal "old school" level and thus form, it suits me perfectly, as his level.
I plugged into an amp two bodies FlexWave CRATE 120W, BOSS multi-effects with a GX700, and the sound is a fall in both ultra saturax clear that she is doing with honors


I possde this guitar for 6 years, and I've never of, I love its shape and its small as default, given its age, I retain the original maximum, except belt clips that have changed the t straplocks for more ease and scuritbr /> I purchased this guitar through a barter shop / sales dpt prs from home, not to trs expensive, and I do not hsit one second to take it because I possde another, but a range infrieure ( This is the MODEL DT350 and my other models is a DT250), which filled me dj.
considering the price was ridiculous that I touch, the report is absolutely qualitprix indcent, and yes, I do it again this choice a thousand times if he had to Submitted

juventino83's review (Ibanez - DT250)

By juventino83, 25/05/2007
Or manufactured? I know ^ ^
22 frets 2 micro ibanez original (mine had an easel in my jackson replaced by a 13 sh)
ibanez tremolo
1 volume and 1 tone knob

8 for the original pickups that lack PCHE (I play mtal)


Channel fine enough but not too comfortable enough fast enough
access to acute rather difficult because of the shape and the heel, which begins on 16 th fret
It is perfectly balance it does not pencge
into the easel 13 I sh sound killer! I run into not play very often to describe it ^ ^


It suits my style (metal) by changing the pickups even when
I currently use a marshall MG15CDR (a stew by the way) soon on a line 6 75 W (already severe test and shipment)
I can get everything sound like fiddling with the volume knob: p
I love the distortion and clean sound a lot going on

9 but with my pickups: p


I have since purchase a year it is full of petes piece of paint-month horn (very fragile these places)
I love the style but you have to be careful not to hit a
quality level is the price (pay 100 used)
I refer the choice as the first skyscraper electric

Arbor Destroyer (Ibanez - Destroyer)

By MGR/M. Blair, 06/12/2003
This guitar was a gift to me from my parents when i was in high school. It was my second and best guitar that i have ever owned. I've played a few new guitars of other brands but they can't compare to the Arbor Destoryer that i had. I wish that i still had it. It was the most beautiful guitar that i have ever seen. It was half red and half black...Beautiful! The string action it had has never been surpassed by any other guitar that i know of. And it's versital sounds made it wonderful. It is the one guitar that i wish i had never let out of my hands. I might even sell my soul for it again.

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Ibanez Destroyer (Ibanez - Destroyer)

By MGR/Runk Master Funk, 29/12/2003
I ordered the Ibanez Destroyer over the internet from I was looking for a good guitar at a reasonable price. music123 was the hook up I got it for 200 dollars.

The destroyer is a great guitar, looks good plays decent. Can't beat the price. Quality over price is what Ibanez does.Great product for the fraction of the price. Two humbuckers sound great, exceptional tone. This guitar is super easy to play. Great for practice or performing.

The destroyer comes in only one color, candy apple red. It's more of a deep red wine color. Beautiful color but not candy apple.

The craftsmanship at Ibanez is great for the price. The harsh angles on the body are edgy and make a statement. Speckled paint adds a metalic feel. The quality of the construction is high.

The destroyer is a nice alternative to the classic strat look. The action is good. The bottom line is the unbeatable price.

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