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Ibanez EW

Ibanez EW35Q

User reviews on Ibanez EW products

Good player acoustic. (Ibanez - EWC30PDE)

By heads on fire, 31/12/2011
General Specifications:
Made in China
Resonant Low Gloss Finish
Mini EW body with EW cutaway
Mahogany Neck
Padauk Top
Abalone Rosette
Ibanez Chrome Die-Cast Tuners
B-Band UST (Under Saddle Transducer) pickup
Ibanez SRTn preamp with Notch Filter, 3-band Equalizer, Volume, Phase switch, and Onboard Tuner
Balanced 1/4" and XLR Outputs
Rosewood Bridge and Fretboard
Ivorex II Nut and Saddle


This is a neat acoustic guitar from Ibanez. As far as playability is concerned, this guitar benefits from having a narrower body depth than most standard acoustics. This makes the guitar more comfortable to hold. The neck has a good feel to it - chord work was easy, as well as single note soloing. The string spacing at the bridge is excellent for fingerstyle playing.

Cosmetically, the Padauk top is quite unusual to look at, but is very attractive. However, the inlay at the 12th fret is pretty cheesy.


This guitar sounds good enough for stage use, and just practicing around the house or songwriting. For the recording studio, I'd be inclined to play something with a bit more low-end depth, as the bass end of this axe is a bit shallow. But the crispness is definitely there, and the included SRTn and B-Band UST pickup system gives the EWC30 a flexible package capable of tailoring to the room, as well as eliminating feedback coming from the PA or monitoring system.


Overall, this is a good guitar. It has a better playability and look than it does tone, but that is the type of trade-off that is made when shallowing the body depth and cutting out a dramatically shaped cutaway. The wood selection is very nice, and the fit and finish is right on for this price range. My one minor gripe is that Ibanez put a really cheesy inlay at the 12th fret - why don't guitar manufacturers leave lower-end guitars alone? I've seen so many that are very nice, but then the look is all off when someone is feeling "creative" in the inlay department. I realize it might be a way to brand the instrument a bit further, but I really think Ibanez could have done away with the inlay all together to make the guitar look much classier.

Very good guitar (Ibanez - EW20ASE)

By valemtymes, 05/02/2013
Chinese but apparently excellent finishes
The handle is very fine and pleasant cutaway allows for better access to acute than normal folk
20 frets a microphone in the volume control box I EQ and effects integrated tuner and especially so with active guitar output jack or XLR


Handle very fine and pleasant inscrustations in the key. Heavier than a classic folk access to acute is better than a standard pant cut through it as easily obtien a beautiful acoustic sound that connected


Yes it is suitable for playing rock and folk unplugged I branch hardly a sound except the sound and is well respected


I use it for a year and yes other ibanez fender but the comfort and the terrible mouth I love everything about this guitar more value for money as well, the same quality in another brand will pay more expensive to buy eyes close

First guitar. (Ibanez - EW20WNE)

By pyves_IMC, 09/05/2013
Made in China.

Site features Ibanez:
EW body shape body
Cordia top top
back & sides Cordia back & sides
neck Mahogany neck
pickup B-Band ® UST ™ pickup
SRTc preamp Ibanez preamp w / Chorus and Onboard Tuner
Die-cast tuning machines Chrome tuners
bridge pins Ibanez Advantage ™ bridge pins
Abalone rosette rosette
bridge & fretboar Rosewood bridge and fretboard

The only difference with mine, which is one of the first in the series, is the preamp.
Mine is really bad when I plugged into my marshall acoustic AS50D I have poussser volume and suddenly it crachotte, it's ugly.
I hope that the new preamp is better quality.


The handle is nice.
The shape is very pretty, it's a box with a jumbo cutaway quite aesthetic.
The right arm can rest comfortably on the body and the cutaway allows to expect more With easy the last string.
In terms of price / quality, the sound is really good.
In fact fortunately this electro-acoustic guitar has a real case (and not a semi-hollow) because for my part I do not use that sound. The sound does not carry as much as a fully acoustic guitar, but if you want a little voice is not so bad.


Since it is my first guitar, I did not really start style music.
And this guitar is perfect when you do not know where to go at first.
But it should gobalement more for blues / rock.
The highs are crystalline and have a serious warm color.

I note that 7 because the electronic function is difficult to use with the preamp I have. This can be changed with the new preamp mounted on the latest models.


I use it for my 18th birthday, I was born in 1988 (do the math usage time it changes every year ;) )
I have not tried many model before: an old Ibanez acoustic my father but excellent sound, a Takamine TF341DLX (the sublime, also belonging to my father) and two Ovation I've forgotten references.
I love this guitar, it is a rather unusual quality for its price.
The abalone rosette is very nice, no mark on the frets but a very small pearl design aesthetic. Even the mark on the head is pearly white.
And its course is very nice. My listeners (the friend (s), I'm an amateur) have often been surprised by its sound.

With experience I will ever be the same choice. I do not want anything to change the world, but it may be because the first instrument.

Dono's review (Ibanez - EW20WNE)

By Dono, 18/01/2007
Everything has been said




no effect on connected feedback is very rapidly
odd / does not return all the sounds of the guitar when plugged into an amp
to try on a live sound system (without amplifier)
serious no problem / no acute problem / medium practically


2 months
mild, beautiful ...
the sound power is mediocre, very good for practice, the stage out of the question
moderately well