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Ibanez EX

Ibanez EX170

User reviews on Ibanez EX products

juclepak's review (Ibanez - EX170FM)

By juclepak, 23/10/2008
Mine is an EX FM SC 170 made in Korea in 1993 (the letter mean the end barbaric flamed maple cherry sunburst so you can see the wood grain - Saddle - and it is red sunburst orange). Moreover, with top alder body with stocky, stick a pice in Saddle with rosewood 22 fret button in, standard bridge, 3 position micro standard ibanez hsh. SETTING THE one volume, one tone and one SETTING THE slecteur micro positions 5.
a guitar properly without being extraordinary.


Channel jumbo, just got my pais rglant but the action we obtain a non ngligeable playing comfort. ACCS good at acute enjoyable to touch.
the guitar is pretty loudre (well it's not a Les Paul but a little heavier than a stratum).
in sound, microphones clearly lack power, but by replaceable, we reach something. Personally I changed the single coil alnico pro 2 by a more powerful.


With the change of micro central I got something better than the original microphone. I play instrumental surf and I play a fender dual showman.
with this type of guitar, gives her a "mat" without much personality. it is because before I was playing other musical styles and I always have done what I wanted with the guitar ... its clear is drinking in its saturated has become quite rough.


This guitar is my main instrument. I will therefore not difficult :-) nanmoins still has an entry level guitar and I look forward to have to offer me as the instrument of my dreams. I said this for over 10 years and still holds the road. I had bought used the era (7000 Belgian francs or 175) and this year she turned 15 fte. for low-end guitar this age it is on track!

Ibanez EX-Series (Ibanez - EX350)

By MGR/Christian Johansen, 13/01/2003
I bought this guitar at the local music gear shop for about $570 (I live in Norway, it's an expensive country)

I liked the fish-like red color on it. It's really, REALLY comfortable playing. The bridge pick-up sounds pretty great if you have the right amp.

I don't like the way this guitar kinda quikla 'wears out'. The neck isn't to strong and the frets are kinda sloppy put in there.

I'm not an all over expert, but the guitar is quite a solid piece. Even though I feel a bit unsatisfied with the neck and frets, I bought it used, and have used it for about three or four years, so it's a steady guitar considering the price. (the price would be about half of what I paid if you buy it in the US.

This guitar has given me alot of pleasure, and I have really enjoyed. Even though, the pick-ups aren't to great. If you're gonna use it to play loud with lots of distortion, it tends to very easliy give feedback wich is annoying...

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Ibanez EX Series (Ibanez - EX350)

By MGR/Kirk Husak, 25/10/2004
I purchased this Ibanez ex in 2002 used from a second cousin who was a sound technition for concerts in the toronto area. he did jobs for bands like nickle back and sum41, he supposevly bought it off one one of them. I paid 300 dollars for the candy apple red guitar as a first electric, this was lucky because it was almost in perfect mint condition.

The most thing i like about the ibanez ex is the candy apple red colour on mine.
It has a light mahogany neck with a dark brown fretboard that has pearl inlay
for markers. The ibanez is great for flaming hotlicks and creates a nice ring!

Idislike that the ibanez ex gives awful feed back unless you back it up with a good amp.

There is a couple of little dents in the red body that you could only see if you thoroughly checked it over. The knobs for the tone and volume are lose but other than that its fine.

Ive tried many guitars in my life and the ibanez ex is by far one of the best instruments that i have ever used.

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