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Yes, but with a big but! (Ibanez - G5ECE)

By accroche-pied, 18/11/2010
I will not repeat the description very well in the other opinion. I find the thin neck for a classic. The finishes are perfectible, mine has two small lacks polish on the table. a very important element is the presence of an adjustment bar in the handle dual action which is accessed through the soundhole. Not trivial for a classic and very useful as you'll see! Two mechanical squeak terribly and make the brass filings show they are twisted in their seats. Very low string action for a classic, unfortunately too low! But for all the violin is good for the price. There's something for his money sound and especially the integrated tuner is a very valuable addition.


This is where things get complicated: my guitar was delivered with a handle unplayable "tight" to death who was curling strings dice the third box. Several full turns to the left of the bar (!!!) adjustment handle allowed me to make up the "crimping" of several boxes to the canopy, giving the "hollow" in the leg but that was not enough: j 'I removed the nut of the tailpiece and paste below a small rosewood shim 2 mm to find the chord height. Finally as the guitar is playable and in addition hold softens the sound of the piezo when plugged. Retransmits it still all sounds manipulation. Now the guitar is very nice and good (for the price of course!). I confirm that the original strings are too soft and lacked punch in the bass. Sounds great


medium without projection of sound, the bass is rather weak and too flexible strings of origin do not help. The poor quality of the table there is no doubt for many.


I received this guitar here four days for my daughter who starts. Fortunately, his dad is handy and has some notions of violin if it was a poisoned chalice "It is outrageous that a known brand like Ibanez passes despite its buffer Inspection guitar unplayable delivery without several hours of setting! So prefer buying in stores correspondence and test your guitar if you do not spin as fast as a luthier ... Apart from this warning altogether fundamental is a good little guitar introduction to the report options / unbeatable price (130 euros on mister good deal which by the way Guitar packs its very sparingly; transport hello!) .

chemchou's review (Ibanez - G5ECE)

By chemchou, 12/10/2009
EQUALIZERS-2 bands (volume, bass, treble)
Integrated battery-location at the box
-Cutaway body that facilitates access to acute


It is very pleasant to use, the handle of an ant "U" a dish which can be very good for going fast, it is also slight, the jack acts as a support strap


A round with its very sharp slap in use or with a plectrum arpege, very good resonance Luthra is a blank exelente for this price range


I use it for 3 months now, after 3 years of electric blues, a return to his classic, buy 120 euros instead of 170 a very good business not to miss for this price, an investment IBANEZ sure ...

Ibanez GA5 TCE (Ibanez - GA5TCE)

By MGR/ShadowWalker, 07/01/2004
I acquired this guitar from a local store for $279 + tax; Received a few extras including lessons (You can never learn enough!). This seems to be a fairly typical price but when you add in the extras it was a very good price.

The thin body has an excellent feel for someone coming from an electric. The neck is very playable. The sound unplugged, while not as full as a full body guitar perhaps, is loud and clear. Plugged in it sounds decent, but I haven't really experimented much with that aspect.

The one thing I don't like about it is easily fixed - as a "classical" guitar it has no strap pegs. Bah!

The one I bought is pretty solid, there were no construction flaws that I could see.

It seems as though it might not withstand alot of abuse (it's very lightweight), but who'd want to abuse such a beautiful guitar? =). I'd really rather not test this out!

I played through several acoustic-electrics searching for "The One" -- Of those I played this felt the best and sounded good too. The price was excellent of course.

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Good instrument to the ratio Q / P just (Ibanez - G5TECE)

By Makos, 03/05/2012
Chinese manufacturing
- Spruce top (pressed)
- Sides, back: mahogany (plywood)
- Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard
- Body "Thin" (70mm)
- Nut 46 mm (narrower than a conventional 52 mm)
- Output jack / XLR
- Ibanez preamp with vol., Bass, treble, phase + tuner
- Mechanical chrome type "classic standard"
- Truss-rod double meaning to fine tune the handle
- Everything is glossy varnish

Mine was delivered in padded case Ibanez of good quality


This "small" guitar offers a handy size for playing more electro. His thin body makes it very comfortable. Sitting, standing, light weight is forgotten. Access to the tuner and preamp settings poses no worries. The size of the nut (46mm) and the rather low string action allows a quick game. Moving from folk or electric Ibanez does not traumatize this.


The reduced thickness of the body and wood quality are not the epitome of this guitar sound acoustic nylon. Despite an average projection, the overall balance is coherent sound. A change of pulling strings for a larger (with minor adjustment of the handle) gave a very good result, more brightness and power. Acoustically this little Ibanez is doing respectably, without more ...
Once amplified, it turns out. I was surprised by the quality of pre-amp and the piezo. Not much like setting but very effective, beautiful and dynamic sound via direct or an acoustic amp.
She (and you) will like in a register pop / jazz / latin ... nothing prevents them to ring the Fernando Sor objectively but other instruments are better in this exercise.


Having been forced to part of an electro-premium nylon, I could consider staying on without being able to play this type of guitar ... What if the resale of the above-mentioned guitar leaves you less than two hundred euros once your debts had been cleared? You turn to Ibanez! I had, some years ago, bought for a beginner model G5ECE (the one with conventional measurements) and was pleasantly surprised. So I just reiterate for my own model with the "Thin", the corresponding model in my game more jazz / latin amplified. I'm not disappointed, this little Ibanez sounds perfectly correct. A quality / price excellent.