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Ibanez IBZ

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User reviews on Ibanez IBZ products

Ibanez IBZ10 (Ibanez - IBZ10G)

By MGR/David G. S., 12/01/2003
After I had been playing my acoustic/electric guitar for about 6 months my brother found an awesome deal on this amplifier in a pawn shop for $30 or $35 I think. However, it sells for around $70 or $100 new. He bought it for me to: (a) drive our parents crazy [just kidding] (b) help me get ahead in guitar learning, and (c)paying me with the amp instead of $$ for helping him with something.

I really like this amp because it has some kick to the amount of sound it puts out. It's got a 6 inch speaker and has built-in distortion although I usually don't use it because I have a DOD GS30 effects board w/ built in distortion. I've had this amp for probably 4 or 5 months now and so far have been very pleased with it. The headphone output jack is very useful and it has a 3 band EQ. For a starter amp I'd recommend this one.

It doesn't seemed to be labeled exactly how many watts it is other than "IBZ10." I had been told it was 15 watts but recently found out that the 10 in the name means it is 10 watts. However, it does put out a lot of sound for the size and money which I do like. Otherwise, I have no complaints.

It's contructed very nicely with a strong cabinet, nice speaker, black leather-style cover finish, strong black bumpers on all corners, and a nice compartment in the back for storing the power chord and/or other accessories.

I love it. Probably sometime I will get a bigger amp for performance, but as a practice and/or small performance amp this one is awesome. I haven't really used other similar 10 watt amps to compare it to them, but most likely I wouldn't trade it for another one.

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Ibanez IBZ10 (Ibanez - IBZ10G)

By MGR/no plot member c*** c*****, 12/07/2003
bought this sweet sound making machine at sims music in south carolina for a cheap 65 bucks

everything this thing puts out a lot of sound. It may say 10 in the name but it doesnt mean 10 watt in this case. Im in a band called no plot and its loud enough to do gigs at gain 7 master 7 for 100 people pretty good distortion

a little buzz but playing a little bit it goes away not worth mentioning

high quality wouldnt think about dropping it but VERY sturdy and well built

Get one now you will get more than your money's worth!

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Ibanez IBZ10b (Ibanez - IBZ10B)

By MGR/Matt N., 01/01/2004
I purchased this product from musicians friend 3 years ago when i first started out.I paid $75 for it plus shipping.

I really like the fact that for 75 dollars i can have an amp thats good enough for bass practice and plying woth a guitar. I also like the versatillaty of the amp. i have been able to use it as a back up for 2 years at small gigs. for 75 bucjs its a great deal.

the thing that bugs me the most about this amp is that it has terrible sound if you turn the volume ablove 5 or 6. so if you are just looking for an amp to use in your bedroom its ok but otherwise it doesnt work well. but for $75 what do u expect??

the construction of this amp is great! i have dropped it numerous times and it has never broke. the corner guards are really nice even the amp is really light. it has never cracked and has a few minor scratches but nothing big. it has good quality

overall i believe that if you are a starter this amp isnt bad at all. plus you dont have to pay anything outragous! 8)

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Ibanez IBZ10B (Ibanez - IBZ10B)

By MGR/hoffman, 17/05/2004
it was part of a starters package , i bought in a local shop(belgium) it was about 80 euro for the amp

it's black , that's pretty much the only positive thing

it sounds horrible
and since that's the only thing you use an amp for; the amp sucks

didn't dropped it yet, maybe i will

it might be cheap but i think you can better spend a little more money and buy a descent one

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