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Ibanez Iceman

Ibanez ICX220

User reviews on Ibanez Iceman products

Ibanez ICX120 (Ibanez - ICX120)

By MGR/Benny, 07/08/2004
I Bought this guitar at Hermes Music for $230. I was thinking about an Ibanez GIO until the guy showed me this guitar.

Great pick-ups and a great body shape.

It's a little neck heavy. Strap hooks on weird.

Great Construction.

Great for Drop D tuning. Pick ups sound good on distortion but are a little less impressive clean.

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Ibanez IC 400 Iceman (Ibanez - IC400)

By MGR/Matt Stasiak, 09/01/2005
I bought this new from a local music store for the manufacturers suggested retailing price of £450-I have since discovered that you can get it via the internet for a possible £400, but that doesn't include postage and packaging. I walked in to the shop to kill a few minutes, saw it on the wall and had a go....30 minutes later I walked out with it!

I have always loved the shape-it's a real "marmite" guitar; you either love or hate the way it looks but either way you'll have an opinion!
The sound quality is excellent- the ibanez humbuckers that come as standard on this model are superb, although one needs to be careful not to let them overpower your sound and make everything sound too bassy.
The guitar is solid mahogany and features a great glued in neck. The access to the higher frets is superb and the frets themselves are fat and well finished. The fret inlays are similar to those on a Les Paul, abalone block inserts.
It's so "rock" that it only comes in black with cream binding and chrome hardware.

The fact that I'm having a really difficult job getting a case-Ibanez have discontinued the case that fits the iceman,(which makes no sense to me) and so I'm having to have one custom built

The construction and quality of this guitar is top notch. It's basically a Les Paul, but far funkier looking (in my opinion!) and a thousand pounds cheaper. The way it plays and feels is all its own though.
The finishing is superlative with no rough edges at all. The guitar hangs nicely when strapped on and sits well on your leg when you're not. It is heavy, but you'd expect that from a solid mahogany guitar like this.

For a whole host of reasons this guitar is a winner. If I had to single one out, it would be the quality of the instrument (irrespective of it's styling) for the price. Quite how Ibanez can produce this for this price when other big manufacturers can't or won't follow suit speaks volumes. If you're in the market for a real rock guitar with killer looks and tones to boot, check the iceman out!

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Ibanez Iceman ICX120 (Ibanez - ICX120)

By MGR/Phil Ogison, 22/03/2005
I've been playing the same old Ibanez Roadstar 2 since 1984, and it was getting pretty tired, I definitely needed a new axe! The bewildering array of guitars available posed a bit of a challenge, but in the end, I went back to Ibanez because I love the quality, sound and ease of play. I found the ICX120 at Steve's Music, in Toronto, Canada at a great price, $335.00 Cdn. After I had had it in my hands for about 5 minutes, I decided it had to come home with felt made for me.

The main points that decided me on this guitar were the looks, it is so distinctive, the build quality, and sound quality. This guitar sings, it sustains in a clear unwavering way that makes you think of guitars that cost twice as much or more. What a deal.

There are a couple of very minor drawbacks, and they have to do with accessibility. The strap buttons are in a slightly odd configuration, but after a few minutes, you get used to it. The set screws on the bridge to set the intonation, are located right in front of the bridge pickup bezel, you'll need a 90 degree flathead screwdriver to reach in there. Speaking of pickup bezels, the chrome plating looks a little chintzy. Other than that, no complaints whatsoever.

The pickups are very responsive and the controls very smooth and accurate. The neck, always a strong point with Ibanez guitars in general, is no exception. It is well finished, the frets are well set and the rosewood fingerboard is flawless as is the maple neck. The machine heads are high quality, and again, smooth as silk and accurate. They also don't all. I generally play in alternate tunings, like Modal D, so it's important that the action be responsive across the scale, and it is. The fixed bridge is solid, and the intonation is perfect. The Basswood body is medium weight and the finish is well applied as is the perfing around the edge which is of a nice ivory like colour. The bolt on neck fits like a glove and is immovable.

For the price, this guitar has few equals. In terms of overall quality of construction, looks, playability and sound, it has qualities you'd expect to find in much higher end instruments. I would recommend this guitar to young or old, beginner or seasoned pro, you can't go wrong. It's a winner.

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Ibanez Iceman ICX 120 (Ibanez - ICX120)

By MGR/Brian Rupe, 18/05/2006
I play in a classic rock type band, old Ozzy, ACDC, Zeppelin, that kinda thing.

At a currently out of business local music store

I have owned this guitar for 3 years and it has been my main guitar ever since, I also have a Gibson Les Paul Standard that this guitar completely outshines, I originally bought this guitar as my "take on the road" guitar with every intent to replace the pickups with aftermarket models, but after a couple of gigs with this guitar I decided keep them in, very solid guitar and very light due to the decreased body size, Ibanez got it right with this guitar as I plan on purchasing another one soon.

The one problem I have with this guitar is its balance, when you let go of the guitar while standing up, the headstock heads for the floor, but dont let this scare you away, this guitar is a great deal, has a great sound, and is not limited to just hard rock, there are many types of music you can use this guitar for.

Everything is fine, the only complaint i have with the guitar is the neck-heaviness.

has served me very well, cant wait to get another

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