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User reviews on Ibanez L products

Steveguitarist's review (Ibanez - ADL Delay)

By Steveguitarist, 15/07/2008
Picked this up on EBAY for $60. I wanted an AD9 but their going for $150+. I read this article:
Ibanez ADL Analog Delay
The Ibanez ADL Analog Delay from the 'Master Series' (also known as the 10 Series and L-Series) was the analog delay designed by Ibanez after the original AD9 went out of production. It has the same electronics as the AD9 Series including the now out-of-production Bucket Brigade MN3102 and MN3205 chip technology to get that smooth, warm delay that we all crave.
So, for less than half the price I got what I was looking for. Great box. Great sound.


Super simple operation.


Quiet and toneful.


If you're looking for a vintage analog delay and think you need to spend alot think again. If you find one buy it. It's worth every bit as much as a vintage AD9 without having to pay for the pink box.

Tiger foods's review (Ibanez - SML Super Metal)

By Tiger foods, 07/05/2012

What are the effects, or types of effects available?
What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
Are they edited? Via an editor for Mac / PC?
What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
Is it a rack or rack-mount model?

Stomp of 80's (85 or 86 I think), the old building, pcb signed Maxxon, with two capacitors and JRC4558D green
Typed overdrive sounds muscular.
Otherwise, flush, just that the knobs are not screwed to the housing or the other jacks (a feature series 10)


2. USE

The general configuration is simple?
Editing sounds and effects is easy?
The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

very easy, that's why I came back to the pedals by the way, sick of cramming the manuals and to lead me :-(



The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?
Which instruments do you use?
Which ones do you prefer, you hate?

So do not rely on the word metal, I think at the time, it was top of walking in spandex and long hair. The sound is really typed screamer overdrive, but in + powerful. The sound is vintage, of course we can dig the mids, but I do not think it is most flattering on this pedal. After the knobs triturated in every sense, I find the sweet spot on this pedal has gain and volume at half, mids all the way (yes, but on this pedal, they are beautiful), treble and bass to 3/4.
The sound is of course best of all a lamp, never tested on a transistor. It is usable on a clear, but I think it's best as a boost. To go solo on such a channel or a slightly distorted clean sound well grown.
In short, sound decidedly ROCK.



How long you use it?
What is so special that you love the most, least?
Did you tried many other models before buying it?
How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice? ...

So this series 10 impresses me enough in fact, I also load the metal, the same kind, but with 4 jrc above, and much gain as possible (but I use it as a boost and its gain is not push), the supertube, metal screamer are also very good pedal, in my opinion much better than the current 9 series, not so good for my taste, except in regard to housing (jacks and knobs screwed into case).
Then tested all this on an all-tube Bugera preamp Koch, and Vigier.
I tested a lot of overdrive, since I have 6. It is very rock, halfway between an Overdrive (smooth, grain) and a rock distortion (gain and grains). A great alternative to TS in my opinion if you are looking for a rock sound, especially in boost amp. Combined with another overdrive, singing with big graillons.
I would do this choice if I was not taken syndrome purchase / resale / trade in overdrive pedals. She stayed a year and a half on my bp, it will remain, perhaps, or I would try also another series 10.
I think that changing the jacks and knobs to set + solid (it says do not worry, the pedal + a quarter of a century and works without worries) this could well be top.
An excellent choice "vintage" without breaking the bank (look in it, it really has nothing to envy or other vintage TS9 handwire.
Finally, it seems to me that this is almost the same pcb as the SML SUPERMETAL blue.

A great overdrive (Ibanez - STL Super Tube)

By Sutch, 06/09/2013
This is an analog pedal that has not one but two famous JRC4558D chipsets that are so popular nowadays. It can be fed by batteries or use a cord type boss. It is compatible. The only negative is that the plastic buttons that do not fit. But considering the sound, it does not matter.


I did not have the manual. Anyway, it is the use that is made up.


I use a U.S. Strat and a Fender Supersonic 60 watt all lights. His hendrixien and SRV guaranteed. Its clear, this is a smooth and biting overdrive. Saturated, it's a good boost that colors the sound well.


I tried before two visual sound (Double Trouble, Jekyll and Hyde), the maxon OD9 the Ibanez TS9 and 7 (which is not bad for the price elsewhere) and is not to say it is in the old pots you make the best soups. These are strong Japanese 80s! This is a pedal that has not been published a long time and will be more listed for connoisseurs ... I remake that choice without hesitation, especially when used, I got it for a good price!

Granular ... (Ibanez - STL Super Tube)

By zeetoon, 29/06/2014
Cheap classic saturation 80. We were not spoiled at the time ...


No need to book.


The sound that comes out of this pedal is extremely grainy, unpleasant though it remains well bite. With a small saturation, or as boost pedal is nice, as soon as I turn the knob "drive" is in my ears well-rotted, I like seeing the Novanex my 16 years (n it is not positive ...).


I emerged from the shelf or she took the dust to confront my bad memories. She will go back until I documented (maybe) on ways to get it right (change diodes "clipping"?). This is a really cheap pedal and nowadays you can find better for less. When I see some ads at the same price as a new Blackstar ... nawak!

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