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Ibanez Montage

Ibanez MSC380FM

User reviews on Ibanez Montage products

teamsmusic's review (Ibanez - MSC750)

By teamsmusic, 30/10/2008
24 fret neck
CEDAR full
rosewood back and clipped
rosewood fingerboard and bridge
micro B-Band UST pizo
the magnetic micro Ibanez AP9
slecteur 5 positions
Pramper with DSP (echo and chorus) and 3-band tuner + + 2 Aqualizer Knob for filters??
dorbr hardware /> 4 pen batteries for damage not prampli 9 volt
2 output jack 1 x 1 mix direct magnetic
Volumes 1 3 1 Master gain


Channel pleasant but it is rough the paint may be?? the advantage that his hand does not slip! but good (I'm not crazy fast solos ... Demanche)
Acute access top shape is bizarre for many
a bit heavy compared to a normal folk .. but the softwood execelente qualitbr /> not too thick as a guitar


For the cabaret bar is very good ... rock on stage is good but we should fix the sound with effects ...
the sound is very clean natural folk (piezo) we must settle it with 3-band EQUALIZERS
the magnetic hill are saturated gain ..... there is noise! I have a noise gate pedal to correct ...
the mix of the two is quite original and directories in rock and country
THROUGHOUT HIS LACK OF GENERAL GAIN!! corrected with a direct box 30 euro ....


1 month
very beautiful and she delivered with a hard case Ibanez original super top, the wood is very good quality !!!!!! attention it is darker than the picture site IBANEZ!
I had a special custom Peavey ACM (piezo + mic coil ...... 600 euro ....)
I sold it because I'm much more with the touch of a Ibanez Folk ibryde my playing technique BLEND flamenco rock picking ....
the price is 550 euro in my local dealer (store in my town) Time control 3 days! no more expensive than on the net! Deplus I made the rule in a luthier two weeks after the "Receipts have to have the lowest strings Excellent work ridiculous 35 euro for the job done by a pro!

First positive impression! (Ibanez - MSC350)

By Echo tango, 14/03/2012
Given the new price (around € 370) I guess the manufacturing is done in Korea, Indonesia or other countries where labor is cheap oauvre. But do not spit in the soup: Here was an instrument of good quality, a decent violin, a handle 20 boxes in mahogany with binding, rosewood fingerboard and frets well finished. That provides a comfortable game undeniable. Electronic side is entitled to a piezo + preamp AND a magnetic pickup in the bridge with him also separate volume controls, tone, and ... feedback filter gain.Ben yes Ibanez stuck a distortion circuit. Original idea that we can love or not. A 3 position switch completes the picture and lets you mix the two uptake systems


Handle very end agréable.La cutting allows easy access to aigus.Côté § s sound is more than an electro acoustic. Indeed, given the table épaissaur the acoustic sound (pure) is somewhat anecdotal.


The acoustic sound (piezo) is very nice. For the "power" microphone may sound like a telecaster. The distortion near the fuzz can like or bristle. For my part, except for the effects (very) special I think going to stick to its "sound" of bestiole.Branchée on a mixing desk or in an acoustic amp it sits well his rank and all that without feedback saw the thickness of the table


Bought yesterday a test of 30 minutes was enough to convince me. I like the design a little apart from the body, piezo sound very clear and readable without having to re-equalize excessive. For the rest "time will tell!"

Good first impression (Ibanez - MSC350)

By Erwan774, 31/03/2012
- Electric Guitar
- Ibanez Montage Series
- Color Black
- Spruce
- Mahogany back and sides
- Mahogany
- Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
- Micro Ibanez AP10 + magnetic micro under the saddle
- Original Ibanez preamp with tuner M300
- Machine Chrome Smooth Tuner AS

See description (I've completed)

micro adjustment of the saddle

- Mid acute low anti feedback

magnetic micro adjustment

Anti feedback gain tone volume

A knob for selected micro under the saddle or magnetic or both


This Ibanez guitar is a hybrid a UFO in the modern violin. A nice round end. Small flat handle is adjustable only a luthier or SAV. Change = change in pulling the luthier

A slight guitar made primarily for the stage (the accoustic sound is very very low)
Its shape and cutaway ESP offers access to acute So friend (s) that come from the electric guitar you like.

For its


The acoustic sound is not good to be said it is dull it is flat!

You plug into an amp or acoustic guitar and was a great surprise it's hot it's beautiful!

After a moment of adjustment (I'm not fit into the debate history of taste and color)


For a guitar to 350 euros (of which added to an amp)

A modular has its desire to stage a guitar for a guitar that is fed up with the guitar changed the whole time on stage

I advise the beginner or intermediate good.

This is a first review after 1 week intense

News Ibanez Montage

Ibanez MSC350BK

Published on 02/01/10
The new Ibanez MSC350BK sports a black, high gloss finish and a new, simpler 3-way switch control for both acoustic and electric guitar sounds.

[NAMM] Ibanez Montage

Published on 01/20/08

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