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Ibanez PUE

Ibanez PUE-5

User reviews on Ibanez PUE products

Lebenn's review (Ibanez - PUE-5 Tube)

By Lebenn, 16/07/2004
Tube Screamer
Tube Drive
Digital Delay
A foot switch to insert an effects loop

With a real light in

Note a small knob of noise reduction at the rear.

Instrument input, departure / return, line out, headphone output, output amplifier.


Level control is childlike.
Old secondhand so no manual.


I am in love with the tube screamer, the drive also which is nice also for pĂȘchus solos, I use very few other effects to tell the truth, but the tube screamer is a real treat.
It must be admitted that there is a bit of breath, but also a true grain.


Again, I'm in love with tube screamer,
I do not know how much it coast used, or if one is in good condition, but I think it's a good alternative to digital amp simulators. This stuff has a real personality.

Well to begin with! (Ibanez - PUE-5B)

By rxvt, 14/03/2012
There is everything you need. 4 effects more or less usable. The bottons are moving and are very small. It's been fragile.
5 Programations can
stereo output, line, and headphone


Very simple. Intuitive.
The settings or chorus or flanger sound not easy to knob The same two effects it is 6:00 to 12:00 and 12:00 18hh00 one to the other.
It is of little buttons that move laterally gadget. Anyway once we set button.


The compressor is much better than CS 3
the equalizer is very noisy one is better GE 7 B
chorus / flanger is super nice, very deep, but the swing is understood in the same amp without touching the bass. If one adds the equalzer blowing. Ben is no need to play it makes music alone. And the little Gate is behind, should be left to bottom all the time if not it's worse.
The delay is good but I find slamming. I prefer the DD 3
Shame about the noise because it has a great sound.


It's nice to have a stroll for. Easy to carry. No son everywhere. What compact. A headphone with a long wire, an electrical outlet, ideal for holidays. 4 effects for a low .... It is bad enough.
They just create a distortion effect and it makes a perfect guitar to go play with friends.
Because he has a great sound and that the effects do not eat up the gain. He is sending.
I think for the bass you need a good head amp and a subwoofer for 2 meter high! and a set own.

Outdated and disappointing (Ibanez - PUE-5)

By guilhem001, 09/04/2012
Compressor, distortion, chorus analog
Digital Delay
+ Effects loop
External power connector jack, headphone jack


Simple set of configuration
The principle is very interesting group effects "pedal" in a single pedal
memory blocks as possible effects (eg distortion + chorus) but not the setting parameters of the pedals


Chorus, compressor, distortion ... OK
The delay is a bit tricky to handle


Rather disappointed despite a concept that attracted me
Effects of variable quality, delay is limited and difficult to resolve
But the big problem in my opinion is that the pedal generates a breath, or rather a hum that makes it unusable.
I tried changing the diet, but the buzz is still there.
I had the opportunity to try also the model for low, the problem is identical, so I imagine it is an original problem
Too bad ....

Ibanez PUE 5 Tube (Ibanez - PUE-5 Tube)

By MGR/Anonymous, 01/07/2001
bought second hand store. paid Fl 100,-- (dutch guilders)

This unit is clean. All sounds that specify the guitar used are left alone. So if I use my cheap aria rip off, with great squiking noise, the pue will add effect but the caracter is kept. If I use my Ibanez rx240 original, the combination is perfect for performance on stage. Ok I am a sound freak so i add another multi effect (dod fx7), a boss sustainer compressor and a volume/wah pedal, and the possibilities are endless. I use the effectloop for the weird stuff and with one kick i'm there.

There isn't a lot not to like about it except the size and weight perhaps. But with tank durability i don't care about that.
The settings of the delay are difficult to get the results you want. Basicly because there are 3 frequencies not switchable with your foot.

as told above the durability is perfect. My motoric skills weaken when i play so the unit sometimes has to sustain some kicking. But has no problems with that.

I'll be trying to find another one off these if this one dies on me. But never buy the pue 5 without the tubes. One more thing, i tried finding the manual or specifications of this unit but except other users nobody at ibanez knows about the pue 5 tube anymore.

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