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Ibanez Ragtime

Ibanez R400S

User reviews on Ibanez Ragtime products

nypo's review (Ibanez - R400S)

By nypo, 17/03/2009
I am the first to post so I'll try to be precise:
Made in Japan
end handle 24 cases
spruce top, rosewood back and rib.
the bottom is slightly curved, oval rose in the width direction.
no electronics.

The label on the inside reads "Specially Designed and crafted meticulousely pour la fingerpickers by Ibanez" ...
we could laugh at the time


The handle is perfect for this program, access to the latest boxes greatly facilitated by the notch.
The guitar is well balanced, it does not flip from one side or the other.
easy to play with ropes pulling light if possible (10-50) Bronze.


This guitar is made for the picking, it's also why she is called Ragtime.
The bass is round and not very powerful (compared to a dreadnought for example), but never clear the acute metal and mediums well marked.

Well suited to his short program!

I play a little blues, a bit of Steve Howe, Dadi, Steve Hackett, Neil Young finally all that is played acoustically.


I bought it new in 1980 and has not budged even though I lugging around a camper during my surf session!
Never needed to adjust the truss road even when I mounted nylon rope to see what happens (not terrible).
I still have a Nut recut to make it a little higher than the original, we gain in clarity.

Since I bought and then resold to others but never this one.
Why? mystery, can be sentimental.
I can not remember the price, I think it was in 3000 francs.
Mine is number 30107.