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Ibanez RG 2570MZ VBE Guitar Review

Pure Prestige The large Ibanez RG family starts to be å regular among AudioFanzine's editorial staff. We first received the RG2610 with its single pickup, then the RG420EG-SBK "spider axe." Today, it's the turn of a "prestige" RG called RG 2570MZ VBE. What sets it apart from the 21 guitars which form Ibanez's catalog? read more…

Ibanez RG420EG-SBK: The Test

Spider Axe It’s already been 25 years. You wouldn’t think so, but the RG model from our Japanese friends, Ibanez, first appeared a quarter of a century ago, and has since made its way into the Metal and shredder guitar hall of fame. read more…

User reviews on Ibanez RG products

Ibanez RG 570 (Ibanez - RG570 [1989-1992])

By MGR/Rick Beard, 06/01/2011
I have owned this Cherry red RG570 since 1994 I would not give it up. I play Metal and Rock and pump it through a marshall and G1 multi effects. I have played in small bands and jam sessions around Toronto ON Canada.

I paid $150canadian for it from a friend. I had been looking at the ex series and my friend offered it was a steal so I bought it.

The neck is thin so if don't have fingers like hendrix you can still play. pickups are great diMarzio's. The Floyd Rose great for holding the tuning pretty much stay in tune for long time. I love the fact that it does not matter if you are metal player or a jazz player or even blues this guitar sounds good through most amps Mesa, Marshall and Peavey and will give you the sound you need.I have played Les Pauls, Strats, Deans but I still will not get rid of this guitar.

The Floyd Rose is a pain the but to change strings 1hr including tuning but see above.

Quality was still japanese no second rate factory in korea like the frets that stick out and cut ya on the new models P.S to Ibanez The 20th anniversary model RG blows plays and feels nothing like the old ones.

If can find one and buy it, keep it it will do you proud.

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Ibanez Rg5EX (Ibanez - RG5EX1)

By MGR/Anonymous, 15/02/2011
I'm a professional live audio engineer with 17 years of experience. I play drums as my primary and guitar. I'm well versed in heavy rock, industrial, blues, and jazz.

I bought the RG5EX at Guitar Center for around $400. I was looking for a straight up rock guitar. After spending 30 minutes playing it in store, I was sold.

<a href=""></a>

The RG5EX is a solidly built shred machine with a D shaped neck that is a pleasure. The jumbo frets are set perfectly on a rosewood fretboard. I also really like the inlays. The pickups that came stock with this guitar are actually quite nice using various gain settings and have a high output.

Like all floating bridges, tuning is a bit of a bear with NEW STRINGS. Be patient and strech your stings well and once they are broken in though, it will stay in tune really well. Even after dumping the strings to fully loose with the bar.

made of basswood, 24 jumbo frets, Edge III tremolo bridge

Pickup choice : 5-way switching

Bridge: Ibanez Infinity 4 bridge humbucker with an alnico magnet

Neck: Infinity 3 humbucker with a ceramic magnet

Middle: Infinity Single3 single-coil with an alnico magnet

I love this guitar. It plays fast and sounds great live or recorded. At $399, I will likely buy another one.

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Transition low / high range! (Ibanez - RG350DXZ)

By GuitaristeFuturiste, 03/11/2013
So, first of all ... Welcome to the world of shred and rock to hairy (and you will see that not only ..). Though, here for parenthése.Alors ... It is made in Korea (I think) has a bridge edge zero 2 with ZPS3Fe system (all of the Ibanez), a Wizard III neck (very flat the way) with rosewood fingerboard, 24 jumbo frets, 1 humbuker INF4 an acute, a single-coil in the middle and INFS3 INF 3 in a humbuker grave.On has a volume, tone and a 5 position switch (positions are:, 1 st 3 ith micro postion, humburker acute alone ith 2, Spool of high acute hurburker + single mico middle simble middle, 4 ith coil bottom of serious humburker + micro single middle and 5 ith position of humburker grave.Classique Ibanez what!) and titeul American corp.


Then the handle: This is a pen ... What ^ ^ This is good for me because I&#39;m only 12 years (y&#39;as no age for the metal ...) and so well it&#39;s a bit of a "classic" but my neck échelle.La Form: Exelente.Le weight: A bit heavy ... To give you an idea, even the les paul my friend is very lightness compared to this RG ^ ^ Access to acute is perfect for me (but I guess. that&#39;s because I have small hands ...). easily Get a good ... Uh, its clear, its going fast, crunch takes a little move the equalization but its going ... In saturation, must work well because the sound of bass! I presise I use this guitar with a vox vt-20 +, a Line 6 Pocket POD AmpliTube 3, a VOX V847 and a boss turbo distortion (DS-2)


My style of music: Metal (in the style of Metallica, Iron Maiden and megadeth) and sometimes I play blues, hard rock, punk and funk (I know this is a very large directory) What she plays well:. From punk, its going very well (like Muse that are very good), the metal (but Doom, you verais why ...), in hard rock is a goddess if I combine with evening modeling Mesa Boogie Mark-II + is the vox nightrain O_o I blues is average (but depending on the amp&#39;s getting better), its going moyenement.Le funk type of sound that has its clear obient LITTLE FEVER ( regardless of the position of the pickup selector) for meter forward the medium (that is positive but also negative ...). There is a simulation of the vox VT20 which has efect not change the sound or filter the sound of the guitar plugged into it and I just noticed is the medium of Gouré with little sharp (I&#39;ll meter after a sample). Basically, it&#39;s bold, regardless of amp! So I &#39; obtained without a problem sounds AC DC (but slightly less accurate.) This guitar is perfect for recording with the pan completely right and completely left that the meter must be less gain for sound and well it is just to need to troubleshoot a completely scratch right and another completely breaded right: It takes little to gain what is the material that I use with, read the "use" in!. its EXTREMELY saturated (type Iron Maiden or Exodus), it sounds too little presision for me ... But as I said, we can scratch the failure, we lower the gain and lack of presicion disappears completely! The sound is generally round in attack and rather muddy bridge pickup for my taste HI-GAIN cruch but it&#39;s just a delight ;) But my favorite is the sound of this guitar not: I prefer the accurate sound and I tranchant.Mais &#39;ll say something presicion the neck pickup:! THIS IS A TUERIE In hi-gain, was the sound of Steve vai (if I use a Mesa Boogie rectify boosted), crunch was the beautiful blues and clear, unfortunately, when we play in the bass generally do not follow the HP and its devien muddy (I alot inadvisable to use it on a full clean bass if its resemblera NOTHING) (I forgot to say : The sound is more like that of a Les Paul that has a RG O_o)


I use it for almost one year, I have not tried any model before (I have not even tried carément anything because there is no music store on my island that offers guitars that suit me so I have taken on the internet) What I love most:.&#39;s sonic palette, rendering large and small grunch satu.Se I like least: The bluntness and weight (from which I plays like a standing seem to have all of a sudden dropped so it&#39;s loud for a guitar, but not loud all short compared to my saque of college). RAPORT The money is EXELLENT (a hand that micro not bad, but THAT AT IBANEZ proposed METER THESE PICKUPS ON A GUITAR LIKE??? Violin with bass + microphone with low = MANY LOW and a draft sond hi-gain ... Maybe ! Noél as I Metral of mircros EMG instead .. I would make an edit to tell you after I&#39;d probably do it again this choice, it is thanks to this I apris much anything on the guitar: The floyd , sleeves, humburkers ...). I&#39;ll tell you after the result! later!

Beautiful, pleasant to play and versatile (Ibanez - RG721FM)

By lukteste, 27/03/2018
First, I’ll mention that I’m not a professional guitarist, so please take this review as that of an average player.

I’ve used this guitar in my home studio for composing and demoing (direct in, with no amp). I bought it for that purpose as it had been recommended to me as a guitar suitable to play all kinds of styles (I’ve tried several models in several shops and opted for this one).

It is equipped with two humbuckers (bridge and neck positions) and a 5-way switch which allows various combinations to find the adequate sound for the style you’re after. You can play ballads with the first neck pickup, good ol’ funk with the mid switch position and heavy metal using the bridge humbucker.

As for how it’s built, I’ll just say erfect (the paint isn’t lacquered though, so beware in case you’d knock it). The finish is flawless, the Ibanez shape and woods used make it an original model, unlike the classic rock guitar models.

It’s rather small and light. The neck is a real highway, a real pleasure to play!

+ Value for money
+ its sonic versatility
+ Playing comfort
+ Design

- For a player of my humble level, there’s none that i can think of

I bargained it at a good price with a great and sturdy flycase with a velvet interior - a perfect case for a jewel of a guitar.

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