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Ibanez RGT

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User reviews on Ibanez RGT products

Where do I plug in? (Ibanez - RGT42DX)

By iamqman, 31/12/2011
Ibanez guitars are fairly inexpensive and the really marketed at the budgie musician in mind. They really have a great feel and tone for what you're getting and the amount of money that is put into a decent instrument. You usually can find these guitars for right around $200-$600 depending on the features and all the bells and whistles involved. That's a pretty good price for a great sounding and very comfortable playing guitar. One of the things I really love about the Ibanez guitars is the comfortability of their neck profiles. Ever really smooth neck and that fretboard is very smooth and nice for someone who likes play hard rock or metal type chick. That is one of the best selling factors in these guitars is that the next very well built for comfort and speed.


Wizard II (neck-thru)

5pc. maple/ walnut neck material

Mahogany body

24 jumbo frets

Bound rosewood finger board

Edge Pro II bridge

IBZ INF1 (H) neck PU

IBZ INF2 (H) bridge PU

Deluxe Sharktooth inlay


The tone of these guitars is not really the highlight of the instrument. These guitars are really built for two types of people in mind, the person who is on a budget and needs a good rocking guitar, and the second person would be the metal or hard rock type player who wants to speed value Internet profiles. Many of the Ibanez necks have a very smooth and sweet back that that enables the guitarist to play very quickly and efficiently throughout the fretboard. So you will see a lot of metal musicians and hard rock guys lean towards the Ibanez guitars not because of the value of the price point but because of the convenience and ease of play that comes with these instruments. These guitar sound fantastic with most high again applications but not very good any clean setting. So if you're using a fender amplifier of some sort and you so you're probably running a clean setting you're not going to get a very soulful smooth sparkly tone. These guitars don't have a lot of clean bluesy type soul but they really excel at the overloaded saturated high gain amplification.


You can find these guitars fairly easily and they're very common throughout the world. You can find them in many used classified sections on forums and very easily on eBay and other auction sites. I highly recommend these guitars anyone is on a budget but also someone you want a very speed like neck for soloing in lead type playing. At new they come in right around 4600 but they have been discontinued but some are still out there for new.

Ibanez RGT42 (Ibanez - RGT42DX)

By MGR/JW, 30/04/2002
Guitar Czar
$560.00 including Ibanez Case and strap.

Low TRS II Double locking tremolo
Wizard II Neck-thru
INF1 and INF2 pickups
Neck binding
Color - Black Pearl(Kind of a dark metallic gray)

Ibanez have the best tremolos that you can get. I have been looking for a neck thru for a while now, Jacksons, ESP's, Parkers.... In the end I narrowed the choice down to this guitar and a Jackson SL2.(This guitar blew away the SL3s and SL4s) They were basically the same when it came to sound quality and overall quality but the Ibanez was half the price, had a much nicer tremolo, and I felt that it played much nicer.

It only comes in one color. I would have preferred to get the Dimarzio paf pro pickups in it. But hey, all I've got to do is change them. I don't know how soon I'll do that because these pickups actually sound really hot.

The finish and binding on the neck are perfect. The quality is excellent. This guitar is extremely solid. I am really impressed with this guitar. I own an RG770 and this guitar is very similar in quality.

In my oppinion, whatever price range you are in, check out the Ibanez offering in that price range. If you are looking for a neck thru then definately check this one out before you buy. I own this guitar, an ESP MH-201, and an Ibanez RG770. This guitar is already my favorite.(The RG770 runs a very close second)

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Ibanez RGT42BP (Ibanez - RGT42)

By MGR/Anonymous, 25/09/2002
I ordered the guitar off of for $599. I had a Fender strat, but i wanted more versatility

I like the neck-thru design of the guitar. I also like the looks, It is a sharp guitar.
The binding sets the whole thing off. But beware, black pearl isn't very black, its kind of a charcoal. I also love the floyd rose tremolo on it. It stays in tune perfectly

I would like the neck to be a bit thinner. It has a substanial feel and is a good neck, but thinner would be better. Also the stock pickups could be better, maybe some Seymour Duncans?

The guitar is rock solid, and I would feel safe taking it on the road with me. The whole guitar is built to last

If you want a good mid priced guitar with solid construction and that will last a while, this is it.

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Ibanez RGT 42 (Ibanez - RGT42)

By MGR/Stephen Kernaghan, 21/09/2004
I bought this guitar used at the local Long and Mcquade store for $500.00 Canadian plus tax. The exact same guitar was at the store new for $770.00

This guitar is a shredders dream! To start with, the hardware is great quality, tune lock thing is great (for guitarists like me, see below for details) the pickups sound bright and are great for distorted sounds as well. The floating tremelo is by far the best i've ever played, its sensitive and smooth and just perfect. The guitar is playable as well, light and agile, and the bottom cuttaway (unlike my last guitar) goes right down making all 24 frets easily accesible. I also love the nech-thru design, it feels awesome. A great guitar.

As i said before, i love the tuning lock because A)i love using the wammy bar with deep drops and whatnot, and B) i seldom stray from standard tuning. For a guitar player who likes to go between drop D and standard or whatever other tunings you like, the lock might be a pain because its takes a while to re-tune. Thats all i can think of on the downsides.

As i said before, the hardware has been great. Ibanez has two shops, the higher end guitars are made in a shop in Japan and the lower end guitars are made in Korea. This guitar is from Korea, but is one of the best guitars out of that factory. My teacher has one of less expensive guitars that comes from the higher end factory (about the same price as mine) and they are comparable in quality. The body hasn't chipped or anything, the construction has been fine.

This guitar is great for any type of guitarist, especially the shredders out their. Buy this Guitar!!!

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